Tuesday, 14 August 2018

My Natural & No Makeup Makeup Look | AD

I love the no makeup, makeup look... you know, where it looks like you’re wearing nothing but your skin and features are enhanced! This simple makeup look is appropriate for your everyday work makeup or even for a date night look. I have partnered with the House of Fraser makeup department to share my go to products that I use to achieve an everyday makeup look. So want to achieve a glowy makeup look? Check out the full natural makeup tutorial and find out what my best foundation for oily skin is on my YouTube channel 

One of the reasons why I love heading to the beauty hall in House of Fraser is because there are a huge array of brands under one roof. Each brand has knowledgable staff that can advise you on which products are best suited to your needs. If you prefer shopping online, then it's easy to navigate the site and delivery is super quick!

Best Moisturiser Under Makeup

The first thing for me is ensuring my skin is prepped, and I personally think it’s one of the most important steps for any makeup look. My moisturizer of choice is The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA from the House of Fraser face moisturisers range. It’s very lightweight and hydrating making it perfect for this time of year, and ideal for my oily skinned girls. I’ve recently incorporated eye cream into my daily routine as it makes such a difference as to how your undereye concealer sits! The Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye cream is non greasy and absorbs into the skin really well creating a smooth base for my concealer to sit on. I’ve also been using the Benefit Porefessional on the areas where I need a bit of help with my pores.

Now onto the actual makeup……

Colour Correction Makeup & the Best Full Coverage Foundation for Oily Skin

I always have to colour correct my mouth area as it is slightly darker than the rest of my face. Without colour correcting, my foundation tends to look a bit ashy and uneven. The Urban Decay Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluid in Deep Peach is great for my tanned complexion. When colour correcting, make sure to let it sit for a few minutes before applying foundation. My go to foundation is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in the shade Toasty Toffee from the House of Fraser face makeup collection. This is one of the best foundations for those wanting an everyday makeup look with a long lasting base, and it gives coverage to the skin without it looking cakey or heavy. I like mixing some of the Iconic Illuminator Drops in Original because some mattifying foundations can make the face look flat and dull. By mixing this into my foundation, it gives my face a natural healthy glow (the way skin looks naturally) but not making me look oily.

The Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in Medium/Deep Warm is seriously amazing! It hides those dark circles from all the late nights and long commutes into London, whilst naturally brightening my under eye area. I always have to set my concealer, and of course I use the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder. The powder is finely milled and doesn’t make my under eye concealer look cakey.

As an oily skinned gal, I always have to set my base makeup. My go to powder recently has been the Urban Decay De Slick Mattifying Powder. This stark white powder looks daunting in the pan, but it's colourless when applied on the skin. It beautifully mattifies the skin without adding any additional colour.

How To Achieve That Glowy Makeup Look: the Best Natural Blush & the Ultimate Bronzer and Highlighter Duo

No matter what time of year it is, I always reach for a bronzer to give my skin a sunkissed and glowy makeup look. I’ve recently started using the NARS Bronzer Casino as it’s a pretty neutral bronzer. It’s not too cool or too orange, and just gives my face some warmth. I love adding a peachy pink blush to the apples of my cheeks, and MAC Pinch Me blush really compliments my tanned skin tone.

The MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Oh Darling gives my face a gorgeous natural sheen. I apply this lightly with my fingers to the high points of my face. The reason why I don’t use a brush is because it can pick up too much, and for an everyday makeup look it’s best to go in with a very light hand and build up the product to achieve a dewy skin look without looking greasy.

A Natural Makeup Look for Brown Eyes

Having thick full brows, I like giving them some definition and filling in the sparse areas. Out of the eyebrow makeup range at House of Fraser the Bobbi Brown brow pencil does just that. I prefer natural looking brows as it suits my face better. I always have to set my brows in place using the MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set Ebony. Seriously this brow gel is amazing! Sometimes I use this on days where I just want to keep them in place but also add a tiny bit of colour.

Even with an everyday look, I still like adding some colour to my eyes. When using eyeshadow, the Urban Decay Primer Potion is my go to primer and doesn't let me down in terms of creasing. The Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette from the eye makeup collection has an amazing array of shades, and adding a simple wash of colour can brighten the eyes instantly. On days where I don't have a lot of time, the shades 'Sauced' and 'Low Blow' are easy shades to quickly apply to the eyes.

I use a combination of pencil and liquid liner on my eyes, but this also depends on my mood. The Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil Perversion is perfect for tight lining the eyes. I only use this on my upper waterline as it helps make my eyelashes appear thicker. Sometimes I use the Lancome Grandiose Liner Matte Black and draw a very thin line close to my lashes. It helps gives my eyes some definition but also makes them appear bigger.

With my poker straight lashes, MAC Eyelash curlers are a godsend. To keep my lashes curly, I always have to use a waterproof mascara as that is the only way my eyelashes hold their curl. The Lancome Waterproof Hypnose Mascara does everything that I want – it lengthens and volumizes my lashes giving a beautiful full and fluttery look. For those days where I'm wanting something extra, I like applying the MAC 30 lashes. These are individual lashes, and I feel these give a much more natural look than band lashes.

Your Natural Lip Colour and the Best Setting Spray

I like keeping my lips pretty simple and close to my natural lip colour. Pillow Talk lip pencil and lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury from the House of Fraser lip makeup range is one of those shades that just looks effortless.

The final step of my makeup is setting my makeup with the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. If any of you struggle with keeping your makeup on then this is a setting spray I would recommend.

I hope you all enjoyed this post with me sharing the makeup products that I love using for a simple makeup look. Do remember to check out my video for the step by step makeup tutorial to achieve this natural makeup look! What are your go to products? x


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