Sunday, 8 November 2015

The Orange Correctors

Over the last few months I have noticed many brands releasing orange correctors, and it seems people are becoming more comfortable with colour correcting.

Why would you need to use an orange corrector? The colour orange is used to correct any discolouration which is more blue, grey or purple. Ok, I know we don't have purple skin but under eye circles for example tend to have that purple tinge.....hopefully you guys get my drift.

I have been using the orange corrector for my mouth area, as it is a bit darker than the rest of my face. A lot of people would just apply more foundation to even out the skin tone, but it can make your foundation go ashy and your base wouldn't look one even colour. 

I've tried and tested three colour correctors from different price points and with different tones of orange and peach. I always apply the corrector before foundation, and I work it into the skin using a damp beauty blender. I like letting it sit on the skin before I apply my foundation.

This corrector comes in a squeezy tube with a brush applicator. I do find that I have to shake the tube before I squeeze out the product. It has a very creamy consistency and is extremely easy to blend. The shade is a reddy orange on my skin, and I actually prefer it because the richness of the orange helps correct my mouth area.

I'm on the fence with this one because the smell is pretty strong (sort of like paint!) It has a very thin texture, and almost feels like a liquid lipstick......think Lime Crime Velvetines consistency. You can see from the picture that it is a true orange on my skin tone. I like how this performs, but it's not one that I would really reach for.

Peach lustre is actually the sheerest out of the three that I have. I tend to use this in my day to day makeup because it's quick and pretty much fool proof. It has a salmon tone to it, and is a lighter consistency when compared with the LA Girl Cosmetics Pro Concealer Orange Corrector.

Overall I love the LA Girl Pro Concealer because it is amazing! I like using this when I have more time to do my makeup because it does take a while to blend into the skin. On a daily basis I tend to use the MAC Peach Lustre, as it's so quick to use and I don't need this to 'settle' into the skin before applying my base.

Have you used any colour correctors?

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