Thursday, 12 November 2015

Are Limited Edition Products Worth The Hype?

I love getting my hands on limited edition cosmetics, but sometimes I find that there are certain brands that overly hype products, and consumers are teased by bloggers and vloggers who have received the products beforehand.

The issue with limited edition products is that:
- products sell out almost instantly (some within a few minutes)
- if it's online, then 9/10 the website crashes because it can't deal with the traffic
- you end up getting a back up even though you're not sure if you're going to like the product (yup I do that!)
- you don't even use it because the packaging is too pretty 

I have found MAC to be one of the overly hyped brands for their limited edition collections, and as soon as the product has been released online, it's immediately sold out! Sometimes I used to think why did I bother? There are a few collections that I have adored, such as the Riri Hearts MAC, as well as the MAC In Extra Dimension.

Another overly hyped product was Estee Lauder Heat Wave. This is actually one of my favourite products, and does deserve the hype, BUT I now have so many dupes in my collection that I barely use Estee Lauder Heat Wave. :/

Last year I really wanted to purchase the Narsisst palette, but I was a bit too slow in buying it, so I was put on the waiting list for the next batch to be released. After several weeks, I realised that I could actually live without it, and it wasn't a must have........I shouldn't fall for the immediate hype!

It also got me thinking about brands who really try to push their limited edition items and luring you with beautiful packaging, but then the actual product is just meh. Has that happened to anyone? I have purchased a few LE products and I wish I had never wasted my money.

I am very wary of limited edition products, because I have found some really disappointing. I am now also careful about what I read about a product online. Not that I am not saying that bloggers aren't telling the truth, but I am just cautious now before I hand over my money.

What are your thoughts on limited edition products?

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