Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Eyeshadows That Flatter Brown Eyes

I know how difficult it can be to find eyeshadows that flatter brown eyes, so i went rummaging through my collection to find a range of colours for us brown eyed gals.

The great thing about brown to almost black eyes, is that you can use them as the centre point for your face, whether it be a dark smouldering eye makeup or a light and fresh look.

Brown eyes suit a lot of colours.....you just need to find the right tones. I love wearing blues, blacks, greens.......well pretty much everything!

A beautiful matte, vibrant purple that will look stunning! It is a shade that needs to be layered, because sometimes when you blend strong matte shades, you can lose the depth of the look. This matte shade will also be perfect to work into the crease if you're wearing a lighter lid colour.

This is an easy eyeshadow to wear, and can be used day or night. It is a olive eyeshadow with a gold undertone. I love how this can be used over the lids as a wash of colour, but then really built up for a stronger look.

This is a deep, dark bronze which really flatters brown eyes. It is shimmery, but with very little fallout. I would recommend pairing this either with a matte black or brown for that smouldering look.

This colour is just divine and it's a hard one to explain. It's a cross between a brown, purple and a taupe. Stick eyeshadows are quick and convenient to use, so ideal for those people on the go. You have about 30 seconds to work with it before it does set on the lids.

This eyeshadow is perfect to wear to the office. It looks pretty dark in the pot, but can be lightly applied with a fluffy brush. In the pot, it looks like a dark taupey grey, but it looks beautiful on the lids. It can be layered for a more intense look.

OMG this colour is stunning! It is a 24 hour wear eyeshadow and claims to be waterproof, making it perfect for those summer festivals coming up. Sometimes i use this as a base for eyeshadow, but also on it's own.

Ahhh i love the way this eyeshadow catches the light. D320 would be the perfect shade to wear for a night out because it can be layered for a really dramatic look.

Left-right: KIKO 158, MAC Sumptuous Olive & Bronze, KIKO 05, Clarins Sparkle Grey, Rimmel Blamed Blue, MUFE D320

What eyeshadows do you love on brown eyes?

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  1. MissyNeveraDullMomnt9 July 2015 at 15:24

    Beautiful choices hun i have had to add macs sumptuous olive and bronze to my wishlist, I actually cannot believe i don't own them already. The MUFE shadow is stunning xox