Wednesday, 3 June 2015

A Round Up Of Liquid Lipsticks

We all know that liquid lipsticks have taken over the makeup world, and i wanted to talk through ones that i have in my collection......some are fab and others are just ok.

Most liquid lipsticks have pretty much the same packaging as lipglosses, which come in a tube with a doe foot applicator. They are applied in exactly the same way as a lipstick/lipgloss. Once the liquid lipstick has been applied, it pretty much sets on the lips. I would not advise using liquid lipsticks when you have dry/chapped lips, as it would emphasise the dryness. Ensure your lips are soft and hydrated before you use these.

These aren't exactly matte liquid lipsticks, however they have a semi matte finish to the lips. I don't find these drying at all and i love the colour selection that Bourjois offer. You do have to layer the product, especially some of the more nuder shades, but the bolder colours are extremely opaque. Full blog post HERE.

I absolutely love these and the only downside is that we can't really get them in the UK, unless you order them from Sephora. There are loads of shades to choose from and these babies really do last on the lips! I tend to wear these a lot when i go away or for nights out, as i know they will last all night.

There are only a few shades within this range, but my goodness the colours are stunning! These are quite comfortable to wear with excellent longevity. The only thing is that it's a pain to remove and can leave some staining on the lips.

Urgh i am kicking myself for only purchasing one from the range! I wore Bauhau5 on a recent night out in New York, and this stayed on from 8pm until 5am the next day! I did not need to reapply this liquid lipstick at all, and it was comfortable to wear for the whole night. This did not dry my lips or leave cracks in the lines as well. I am super impressed!

I only have the shade Birthday Suit and i love it! It is the perfect nude for warmer, olive skin tones. This applied very well and is super pigmented. The only thing that i don't like is that the doe foot applicator is a bit too big for the lip area, but for £4.99 i can look past it!

Lime Crime Velvetines $20

There has been so much hype over these liquid lipsticks in recent years, and i have only just managed to get hold of a couple. There are some stunning shades in the collection. The formula is much runnier than the other liquid lipsticks i have in my collection and i do find at the end of the day, my lips can feel a tiny bit dried out.

The Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipsticks were one of the first liquid lipsticks i tried. To be honest these are ok, but there are much better ones on the market now. Again, these last on my lips very well but sometimes i do find a bit of fading after about 4-5 hours. 

So there you have my round up of all the liquid lipsicks i have in my collection. To be fair, i think i will always keep adding more as that's just me!

Are you a fan of liquid lipsticks?


  1. thx! love your blog!

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  3. I am dying to get my hands on one of the Sephora liquid lipsticks and the Kat Von D ones sound amazing! xx