Monday, 1 June 2015

3 Best Honeymoon Resorts in the Seychelles

This blog post is slightly different to my regular posts, but as it is getting to wedding season, i thought that i would share the 3 best honeymoon resorts in the Seychelles.

I was extremely lucky to have visited a few islands back in August, and there were some hotels that were genuinely the perfect spot for honeymooners.

Here are my top 3.........

Banyan Tree - Mahe

Banyan Tree is located on the south west side of Mahe. All the rooms come with private pools and the villas are scattered throughout the resort. The hotel is a bit isolated, but that is the charm of it. You can enjoy walking along the beach and not really running into people. It is approximately 45 minutes away from Victoria, which is the capital. Here you can visit Victoria Market, Botanical Gardens, Morne Blanc and much more.

There is plenty to do in the local area, and i would recommend visiting the Rum Shack in Takamaka (i don't drink, but apparently the Seychellois rum is one of the best). Banyan Tree also has a turtle conservation project, and some parts of the beach has been marked where the turtles have laid their legs. You can find out information whilst staying at the hotel and you may even be lucky enough to see some baby turtles.

There are 3 restaurants within the resort and Saffron is the only Thai restaurant in all of the Seychelles! I would recommend dining here at least once, as the food is divine.

This is a hotel that you enjoy full use of all the facilities and if you want to get pampered, then there is an extensive spa with therapists from all over the world.

Raffles - Praslin

You should have seen my reaction when i saw my room at Raffles! Again, all the rooms come with private pools, but the views is what made my jaw drop. The bath tub was right by the window, so you could enjoy the stunning view of Curieuse Marine Park whilst relaxing in the bath. The rooms are completely stunning and you have the added bonus of having a butler too (i didn't feel the need to have one to be honest).

The beach is covered in fine white sand, surrounding by the giant boulders, and you can do activities such as snorkeling and kayaking.

You can also visit the Vallee De Mai, a nature reserve with amazing plants and animals which can only be found in the Seychelles. You can also head to La Digue on the ferry for those not staying on the island.

There are plenty of dining options, so you can enjoy fine dining, and themed evenings. It is quite a large resort, especially for Praslin, but is has the facilities to match.

Denis Private Island

The 3rd and final resort would have to be Denis Private Island. This is my favourite resort out of all 3 and I'm sure you can see why! It is one of the most beautiful islands and has a very Robinson Crusoe feeling. You are literally on an island with not many people about. All the cottages are actually on the beach, and when i was going for my swim, i was the only person around! 

One of the unique things about Denis is that pretty much all the food is grown on the island, as they are trying to be self sufficient. When i went for my island tour, i was shown the farm, where they have all farm animals, exotic fruits and local vegetables.

Denis Island focuses a lot on education and research. I loved the fact that there were giant tortoises walking around and i got to meet Toby, who was the eldest tortoise on the island.

Even though Denis is a private island, there are so many activities to keep you busy should you wish to!

I liked the fact that there is very limited telephone signal on the island. You are pretty much cut off from the rest of the world. For those needing some sort of wifi, there is a 24 hour library where you can use the internet!

It is probably the most expensive out of all 3, but the advantage is that all your meals and drinks are included.

I hope this post was useful for those looking into romantic holidays and honeymoons in the Seychelles. 

For your honeymoon, where would you want to go? 

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