Sunday, 3 May 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit Medium + Swatches

We all know ABH products have taken the makeup world by storm, and i recently picked up the ABH Pro Series Contour Cream Kit whilst i was at IMATS in New York.

This isn't a full on review, as i haven't used it long enough, but i wanted to share my first impressions and swatches. I only picked up one kit because i wanted to see how it worked, and if i liked it before picking up the other two shades. The kits come in three shades: light, medium and dark. I purchased the medium shade.

Between the kits, there is some shade cross over, so that is one thing to bear in mind before you pick up all three kits.

One shade that has really stood out in the medium kit is the warm coral. This is fantastic as a colour corrector for warmer skin tones.

I noticed when swatching, it has a much thicker consistency compared to other cream contour products. This is because you need very little product to colour correct, contour and highlight. Once the product has been blended onto the skin, it almost sets, hence why the formula is different to the rest on the market.

I have to say so far i am pretty impressed! Yes, there are plenty of other contouring products available but the formula much more unique. This is an amazing kit for freelance makeup artists, and makeup enthusiasts.

These contour kits are now available exclusively at Cult Beauty (£39) and also at Macy's in the USA ($40).

Will you be picking up this contour kit?

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  1. great review and swatches :)