Friday, 17 April 2015

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Inglot is actually one of my favourite brands, and i have a lot of it in my freelance kit. I find that a lot of their products are fab for makeup artists, especially the freedom system. I wanted to share with you a few products that i love using.......

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow Palette (review here)

Ahhhhh the array of colours when you walk into an Inglot store can be a tad bit overwhelming. There are 5 finishes to choose from and 100's of colours. These eyeshadows apply like a dream, not only are they pigmented and super easy to blend, but there is no chalkiness, especially with the matte shades.

Inglot Freedom System Blush Palette

These blushes are super pigmented and a little goes a very long way. It is very soft and silky when applied to the skin. The colour pretty much stays true on the cheeks like it is in the pan.

Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel 77 & Duraline

Ok, so i know in the picture, i have a big crack through my Inglot Gel. I got this a while back and when i went to use this, i saw that it had dried out! There's me thinking what a waste of money! I had the Inglot Duraline in my kit, and i applied a drop to my gel liner. It instantly hydrates the liner, making it a nice gel formula again. OMG, this is the blackest, blackest liner i have ever used. I'm ignoring the fact that it had dried out, but it is so black. I have worn this gel liner for 14 hours without any fading, or smudging!

Inglot Sparkling Dust 03

Who doesn't like a bit of sparkle? This is an all rounder highlighter, which can be used on the face, eyes and body. I love using this on the high points of my cheeks, and sometimes as a wash of colour to my lids. If you're on holiday or showing a bit of skin, mix this in with your body moisturiser and your skin will just glow!

Inglot AMC Eyeshadow 68 (review here)

I have a slight obsession with pigments, and the colour range at Inglot is incredible! I prefer using the pigments wet, as it gives a richer colour. When used dry, there is a tiny amount of fallout but that is going to happen with any loose pigments. These are pretty much on par with MAC pigments, but just a bit cheaper.

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  1. These all look so gorgeous! :D I wish I could find their products in the makeup shops here (the price of living in a small town and being too cheap to drive an hour for makeup haha) but these really do look amazing so I'm glad you have such a positive review about their products