Thursday, 12 March 2015

Makeup Revolution The One Blush Stick Matte Malibu vs Artist Of Makeup Contour Stick

We’re all jumping onto the contouring bandwagon and many of us don’t have a makeup artist to hand unlike Kim K!

Contouring sticks are probably the most easiest and convenient way to contour. I love how handy they are, and very easy to travel with. 

As much as i love contouring with a powder, a cream product can be really worked into the skin giving a very natural contour. The only thing is, it's pretty time consuming, so for those who are busy bees, then the contour sticks are the way to go.

I wanted to compare the two contouring sticks that I have in my collection. I have a lot of cream products, but contour sticks are slowly making an appearance with a lot of brands.

Makeup Revolution Blush Stick £5   

The blush stick is very creamy and extremely easy to blend.  The product is a lot sheerer compared with the AOM Contour Stick. I find that on my skin the shade appears much more warmer and gives my face a more bronzier look. For warmer complexion, i wouldn't really say this is the best product for contouring, but it's certainly something that i would use to warm up my face. We all know that there aren't too many bronzing cream products on the market and this would work amazingly well! I think for lighter skin tones, it would be good to use as a contour because of how pigmented it is.

Artist of Makeup Contour Stick in Dark £18

The AOM Contour Stick in dark has a much more thicker consistency, meaning that you don't need a lot of product to contour your face. It has a very cool undertone and is amazing to contour warmer skin tones. It is extremely pigmented, so i would apply a little, and then add more depending on how much level of contouring i wanted. I find that this contour stick really stays in place once blended because on my oily skin, things to move around, but this product stays put!

I always blend my contour cream products using a beauty blender, because i find this is the best tool to use. It makes the cream contour meld into the skin, giving that natural finish to the face.

So......which one is my favourite? Personally, i would have to go with the AOM Contour Stick because it does what it needs to do. The cooler tone of the product is ideal for contouring, whereas the Makeup Revolution One Blush Stick is better to bronze up my skin, and giving it a sun kissed look.

Do you use any contour sticks or cream contours?

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