Friday, 27 February 2015

The Winter Skin Hero | Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial

With the cold weather fully in, my skin needed an extra pick me up. 

I admit that i have been very lazy when it comes to layering the products before bed. With a job that takes up almost 50 hours a week, the products i use in the evening need to be quick and easy.

The Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial does exactly that!

I have used quite a few facial oils and one of my favourites was The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil, but it wasn't giving enough to my skin. The cold weather, central heating and stress at work hasn't exactly done wonders for my skin.

The Overnight Facial is a hybrid product, that combines a serum, oil and a moisturiser. It's like applying 3 products, but rolled into one!

The oil isn't too thick and even my combination skin drinks it up in the evening. I have always been cautious with oils, as my skin is much more oilier generally, but facial oils are completely different. This one is much more light weight and doesn't feel greasy. 

It has a slightly floral scent, but i don't find it too strong and doesn't really bother me. I find that a pump is enough to cover my face. I like to press this into my skin and make sure my face has absorbed it, instead of rubbing it into my skin. Whatever product is left on my hands, i like to massage it into my cuticles.

I love waking up in the morning, because my skin just appears so much better. It looks hydrated, radiant and smooth. It does say overnight facial, and i think this is as close as you're gonna get!

I do love the appearance of the packaging, but it's a bit cheeky that you only get 15ml of product, when it looks like there is so much more! The other thing that i don't like, is that i won't be able to see when the oil is running low.

I'm enjoying using this oil, purely because it gives the nourishment my skin needs. I'm not sure if i will use this product in the warmer months or if my skin needs an intense boost, so i will have to wait and see. It's £46 a bottle, which is a huge chunk of change, and i think i will weigh up my options when it is time to replace it.

Have you tried the overnight facial?


  1. Do you think this would be suitable for ladies who's skin is more on the dry side as well? Lately I have been using raw Shea butter and it works great it just feels a bit heavy to wear to bed.

  2. It sounds amazing, and I've been meaning to try it for a while! Just waiting to run out a few things before committing to this quite expensive purchase :) xx

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