Thursday, 7 August 2014

I'm Off..........

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I am currently going to be travelling for the next month or so around South East Asia, and this was an opportunity that was sprung on me very recently....i knew i had to accept!

I will be trying to vlog and upload whilst i'm away, however i have scheduled up some videos and blog posts for you guys. The last few weeks have been pretty busy getting organised, and i wanted to make sure i had some content up on my channel. :)

To be honest i can't say if i'm going to be taking 'a break' from blogging or doing YouTube videos, hence why i have tried to schedule everything! I don't want to put pressure or stress myself out about blogging or getting some videos done.....but if i feel in the mood than i shall!

Everything will resume to normal when i'm back in the country! So i shall say goodbye for now and inshAllah will have a lot to share when i'm back! xXx

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  1. Safe travels! Have a wonderful time.

  2. Take care, this is well deserved. Have fun and enjoy xxx