Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Ben Nye Essentials Eye Palette Review + Swatches

I don't actually have a palette that is solely matte, so when i came across the Ben Nye Essentials Eye Palette at IMATS, i thought it was about time i added one to my collection.

The packaging is a simple, black cardboard palette......kinda similar to the Z palettes with a magnetic closure. I think for those who are makeup artists, this palette will get battered pretty quickly. There's no mirror inside the palette, just a label with all the shades, which is very useful.

These eyeshadows are pigmented and very easy to work with. They are not chalky, nor powdery and barely any fallout. I like how there is a variety of warm and cool shades, making it suitable for pretty much everyone.

I find Vanilla and Shell swatch exactly the same on my skin tone, however both shades are great to use just as a base, or a brow highlighter. I like using Cork as a transitional shade on my lids, as it's almost the same colour as my skin. It's the perfect colour to blend out harsh edges!

Some of these colours will not only be used for eyeshadows, but ideal for filling in the brows and doing contouring.

I have to admit that some of the shades jump from light to dark, and there aren't as many mid-tone colours. This palette is perfect for people like myself......it just has all the shades that i want. I think maybe for people with light skin tone, you may not get full use out of this palette.

Left-Right: Vanilla, Shell, Cork, Mink Stole, Black, Graphite, Smokey Taupe, Black-Brown

What are my overall thoughts? I am really enjoying using this palette, but it's only a palette that i would recommend to makeup artists or for those who prefer using mattes only, as it retails for about £30. I think there is a great variety of shades in the palette, however some people may not use all the eyeshadows, which will be a waste. 

Do you prefer matte only palettes?

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  1. All the colours look gorgeous... I just wish there was one maroon shade in it to make it perfectly travel friendly for my liking.
    what bargain btw... online it is retailed at £56.00 ouch that's steep.

  2. I've wanted to try Ben Nye for so long. I found them sold at some makeup shops in London but the prices are really expensive, so it was something that I couldn't really impulse buy! I love that this is a palette you can mix with a colorful palette and be set while traveling.