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Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow Vintage Black Gold Review

Evening everyone! Long time no speak....or shall i say blog?! I have missed blogging soooo much and yesterday i made some time to sit down and finally blog! Everything has been mega hectic and blogging kinda took a back seat, but i'm back now with a new blog post......

I purchased the Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow back in January when i was in New York (seems like forever ago!) and a few months ago i wore it on a night out.

The texture of this eyeshadow is very unique and should be used with the primer that comes with it. It feels like a hybrid between a powder eyeshadow and a cream eyeshadow, but with more texture to it. If swatched without a primer, you can feel and see the flakes, but when used in combination with the primer, it instantly transforms into an intense sparkle. The foil finish looks stunning and makes the eyes pop!

The vial of primer should have 0.06 fluid ounces, however you can see from the bottle that it's about a quarter full. I think it's very misleading to put that on the packaging when it's clearly not the amount you're receiving! I actually thought i had a faulty bottle, so i did go to Sephora to exchange it and all the others were exactly the same! The other thing that i have noticed six months on, is that the primer has almost turned into a very thick, sticky liquid. So sticky that the dropper doesn't dispense the primer properly!

I wouldn't recommend applying this with a brush, your fingers work better! I tried applying this with a MAC 239 brush and it didn't pick up the product. I then ended up using my fingers and holy moly the pigmentation was insane! I applied a tiny bit of the primer onto my finger and then dipped my finger into the product, layering it on my lids. I love that the intensity of the shadow can be built up, because it doesn't lift the existing eyeshadow from the lids.

Here is the tutorial for the look above, and all products used can be found HERE.

These foil finish eyeshadows are very steep, retailing at £33.50 for just one eyeshadow, which is why i picked them up in America. I admit these are fantastic unique eyeshadows and there is nothing like them on the market. I love how this appears on my eyes, however i personally think something like this can only be worn in the evening.

To be quite frank, i'm not sure if they are worth forking out £33.50 for, and now that my primer has pretty much turned into an unusable sticky goo, i'm kinda on the fence about this product, even though i adore how it looks on the eyes!

 Have you tried Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow?

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  1. These are SO beautiful but I couldn't justify the price tag for a makeup product that I can't use on a daily basis. Still gorgeous though
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