Friday, 11 April 2014

The Face Acids

I have been a teeny, tiny bit obsessed with using acids on my skin. I have quite congested skin and need a product that sloughs away the dead skin cells, and de-clog pores without having to use a manual exfoliator. Here are a few that i have been using for a while, and wanted to share my thoughts. Just a quick note that i tend to use all these products before bed.

Mario Badesco Glycolic Gel

I have only been using this the last month or so, and i have to say I'm pretty impressed. It is a mixture of AHA's and glycolic acid, making it the perfect product for cell turnover. I apply this to my skin once it has been cleansed, and it instantly absorbs into my face. When i wake up in the morning, my congestion seems reduced. This is fab for the pimples that are under the skin, or any nasty blackheads. Again, i only use this when i can see congestion forming or when my skin is starting to look a bit dull.

Ole Henriksen Lemon Strip Flash Peel

This is like a treatment mask and is made up of 20% AHA's including lactic, glycolic and fruit acids. It comes with a little face brush and you apply the gel onto clean skin, leaving it on for about 10 minutes. My face does tingle at first and can feel a bit uncomfortable on sensitive skin. After removal, my skin appears much more smoother and any dryness has pretty much vanished. I love seeing the results in the morning, after using the Lemon Strip Flash Peel. It is one that i would use about once a week when my skin becomes congested and uneven.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold

One of my favourite night treatments! It contains 5% glycolic acid and gently exfoliates the skin whilst you sleep. It is meant to be used every other night and this really does make a difference to the skin (full review here). It gets rid of those tiny bumps under the skin, whilst evening it out, making it appear much more radiant.

Origins Brighter By Nature Pads

These are easy convenient wipes, and saves you faffing around with cotton pads. They are pre-soaked pads with salicylic acid and help even out the skin tone (full review here). There are 40 pads in the tub, which makes it a pretty expensive treatment. Out of all the 'acid' products, i would have to say this is my least favourite, because i find that other products give better results to my skin.

I don't tend to use these all in one go, but i just go with what my skin tells me and select a product accordingly. My favourite has to be the Alpha-H Liquid Gold for an overnight treatment and then to for more instant results, i would use the Ole Henriksen Lemon Strip Flash Peel. I would always use a suncream on my face to protect my skin, as the acids can make the skin sensitive. 

What are you favourite acid products?

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  1. I was very intrigued by Ole Henriken's Lemon Strip peel, everyone seems to absolutely love it!
    There must be a reason why :)

  2. LOVE the whole Ole H. line and have the lemon strip peel which I haven't even opened/tried yet so thanks for the reminder and review on it ;D Did you ever dip into that cc eye cream sample from sephora's we got from his line? Back to the topic......I received a few samples of Mario Badesco, Glycolic cleanser & toner which are amazing and super impressed with the way my skin looks in the morning. Has also helped with the acne scaring but might need to check this gel out for these pesty little bumpy white heads and see how that works. Have been wanting to actually get a facial treatment at Mario B. in the city so MAYBE the hubby will treat me for mothers day :D