Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Back Ups

A few weeks ago, i read a post by Rebecca from Be Beautiful and she was talking about her back up products and i thought it was something i could share with you guys. I think there's quite a few of us who always have a small stash of back up products, in the fear of running out. Also, because i live in the middle of nowhere, it's not easy to just pop to the shops to purchase a new product.

I always ensure i have a MAC Cleanse Off Oil, because it is one of my favourite pre-cleanse products. For several years now, i have been double cleansing at night and my skin feels much more cleaner. It is super gentle and removes pretty much everything, however i still use a second cleanser afterwards. Another cleanser that is always floating around is my Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanse and Polish. This is a cleanser i always go back to, even after trying and finishing other products. It's handy knowing a have a spare!

The Make Up Forever Smoky Lash mascara is certainly one i will always have a back up of! This is my holy grail mascara and does a wicked job at making my eyelashes look thick, full, long and without looking spidery or clumpy. I picked my first one up at IMATS and then purchased the back up when i was in New York. This mascara isn't the easiest to get hold of here in the UK, so i may end up purchasing a few more at the next IMATS.

A couple of other makeup bits have to be the MAC Strobe Lotion and the YSL Touche Eclat. Many of you know that even with my greasy skin, i love looking radiant and dewy and the strobe lotion is the perfect product for that (full review here). For the last 8 months or so, i have been an avid user of the YSL Touche Eclat and i have to say it's one of the best products for brightening up under the eyes (review here). I picked up a duo pack from duty free when i was flying to New York, so i know this is going to last me a while!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Body Wash is something that i have at least a couple of! I tend to purchase this when i have a discount code from the Body Shop and believe me when i say i buy in bulk! It is one of my favourite shower gels and keeps my skin fresh and clean. I love using this after i have been to the gym, because it is so refreshing to use!

I honesty thought it was just me that always had a back up of products and i always get teased for hoarding by my sister! It's good to know that there are others out there!

What are you back ups?

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  1. I always have a backup foundation - I have super uneven skin, so it's a must for me! Awesome blog post, as always. x