Sunday, 23 February 2014

MAC Stereo Rose Is Back.......

Ok, so it's not back right now, however the MSF that has had every makeup junkie obsessed will be returning to our shores on March 6th in the Fantasy of Flowers Collection.

I couldn't get around how overly hyped Stereo Rose was, but it has to be one of the most unique MSF's that MAC has ever released. Maybe that's one of the reasons that it sells for extortionate prices on eBay when it's actually sold out?!

Stereo Rose has been in my collection for a while now and i have mainly used MAC MSF's as a highlighter, this one however, is a combination of a blush and a highlighter. It is a deep coral colour with gold and bronze running through it, complimenting all skin tones.

The formula is exactly the same as the other MAC MSF's, giving the skin radiance and colour, without looking sparkly. It is much more pigmented than the other MSF's in the range, which is why a lot of people like wearing it as a blush and i can understand the popularity of it. Do you need another blush/highlighter in your collection.....certainly not, but I'm guessing every girl is going to want one!

I thought i would give you guys a heads up, as i know this will probably be sold out online and in stores very quickly!

Will you be purchasing MAC's Stereo Rose?

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  1. I never understood why it was so unique before, but due to the re-release and more swatches than ever before i can see how it can accentuate cheeks of such a varied amount of skin colours and tones.
    However, when looking into purchasing it this time ive seen that Temptalias (and others) reviews show that this 're-release' is not actually the exact same colour as previous but just the name has been put on a similar product. Im not too sure about how close the new one is in real life, but i just thought youd be interested to know for yourself :)

  2. I wanted it when I saw it the last time, but I was in two minds and by the time I'd decided to get it - it sold out. This time however, it will be mine!

  3. I bet you have a dupe for this one in your stash of Milani blushes ;D I'm sure inquiring minds would like to know.

  4. I just ordered it online. Didn't need it….but who does? Happy birthday to me!

  5. I don't think the new one is the same color as the previous one..temptalia mentioned its way too light :(