Sunday, 9 February 2014

Getting Back Into Eyeshadow

Some of you may know that having a 9-5 job doesn't really leave you to be experimental with makeup in the morning and i have always chosen to have an extra 15 minutes in bed instead of carefully selecting makeup to wear for the day.

I guess i have kinda fallen into a makeup rut and haven't worn eyeshadow to work in months. Now, i am not talking about super smoky eyes here, but just a soft wash of eyeshadow and some definition to either the lash line or the socket.

One thing about me is that i love my eye makeup when i go out, but i am the complete opposite when heading to work. Having the makeup collection that i do, with the huge array of shadows and finishes, makes it almost impossible to get ready on time in the morning.

I have decided that i will pre-select some subtle shades that are suitable for work, and pop them into my makeup bag instead of having to rummage around my makeup drawers! Now, i haven't chosen a huge selection, but these are the ones that i have forgotten about and also new eyeshadows in my collection.

The first set i have chosen is from the Tarte Gorgeous Getaways Collection 2013. I received this as a birthday present when i was in New York and i'm so pleased that Martha gave it to me! This is the palette in the bottom right of the set. I love how there is a blush that is complimentary to the eyeshadows. 

Left-Right: Serengeti Sand, Buckingham Palace, Rocky Mountains, Bordeaux, Ambitious

The other palette has to be the NARS And God Created The Woman Palette, which has the ideal colours that are suitable for work. I love how there is a mixture of shimmers and mattes. The full blog post can be found HERE.

Left-Right: Alhambra, Bellisima, Kalahari, Galapagos, Coconut Grove, Night Clubbing.

I actually feel excited about using eyeshadows in the morning again......does that make me sound a tad bit sad?! Oh well! Hopefully this will teach me to use what i have, instead of going out and buying the next palette!! With luck i will be able to get out of bed a bit earlier, instead of pressing snooze all the time! I will keep you guys updated on how it's going and maybe i will try to incorporate other products that i'm not using.

Are you trying to get back to using some products?

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  1. Those two palettes are incredible! I know really well how it's like to do makeup on a rush. I don't have that much eyeshadow palettes so i have to reach for different palettes all the time, which makes the whole makeup thing very difficult. That's why i don't use makeup in the morning anymore.
    I loooooooove the Tarte one, specially the burgundy color <3

  2. I really hope that they bring out a similar palette to the god created the women palette because its so beautiful!
    Roshni’s Journey

  3. Both the palettes have perfect neutral shades for office wear! Nars Galapagos is my favorite..recently picked it up!