Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Years Beauty Resolutions

We all know that everyone has New Years Resolutions, whether it be going to the gym, saving money or whatever....however, i have decided to make some beauty resolutions that i will try my very best to stick to!

  1. I must use up my products before opening a new bottle! I can't tell you how many lotions and potions i have that are open. I have decided before i can even think of buying, opening and trying a product, i have to finish the existing open one in my collection.
  2. Have a bubble bath at least once a week. I'm a shower freak and find it so difficult to take an hour off and have a bath. It's a great way to unwind from the daily grind.
  3. Do an oil treatment on my hair once a week. I'm quite simple when it comes to my hair care routine, but one thing i want to do is put oil in my hair. I know it's not the most glamorous thing in the world, but it makes such a difference to my hair.
  4. Stop buying so much makeup! I will always admit that i buy way too much (for my personal collection) and the funny thing is, i wear very natural makeup on a daily basis! I actually want to save my money for the future (InshAllah - God willing) and also donate more to charity.
  5. Have a frequent makeup clear out. I think it is important to either bin, sell or giveaway makeup that i am no longer using, as i don't see the point in having it. To be honest it gets to a point where you don't even realise what you have and don't end up using it.
  6. My final one is to frequently do makeup tutorials and blog more. Over the last couple of months, work was crazy and i just didn't have time to sit down and film tutorials. I guess this one is more about being organised!
If there is anything particular you want to see on my blog or on my Youtube Channel, please let me know!

What are your New Years Beauty Resolutions?

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  1. Beautiful post, gonna try and live each day without regret x

  2. I also want to use what have. I recently lost a lot of weight and have since really become interested in makeup. Well, it got out of hand. I'm trying to figure out how to get to it all. Do I arrange blush and lip color by season? I actually got thru an entire tube of Smashox CC cream. I've been giving some stuff away, but I can't bear to part with some stuff. I sold 2 Sigma Kabuki brushes, I couldn't just give them away. But I did give away quite of few brushes and some were really good brushes…I just wasn't using them ever. So, I'm also on a "no buy" fast unless it's a necessity or a staple beauty product that I've managed to empty. Thank's for sharing your resolutions, it's seems that you have done some reflection.

  3. great resolutions! I can definitely agree with a number of these. Would love to see a video on the products you decide to clear out of your makeup collection. Don't know why but declutter videos have become some of my favourite to watch!

  4. I haven't set any resolutions but I also want to use up the beauty products, body lotions and stuff I already have and not to buy anything else. I also want not to buy clothes I won't wear that often...stick only to what I need! Because I want to save money and maybe do something more important for my life.. maybe take some classes or travel

  5. Would love to see a video of your favourite lipsticks swatched (on your lips).
    Love your resolutions by the way!

  6. Awesome resolutions, esp the bubble bath one. I use them to destress if ever I have a hectic day at work, and it always works a treat. Happy New Year :-) x