Thursday, 28 November 2013

Guerlain Terracotta Loose Powder Kohl Review

I had a huge makeup clear out and made some rediscoveries from my makeup collection! One rediscovery was the Guerlain Terracotta Loose Powder Kohl in Bleu. I used to love using this when i first got it and unfortunately it just got shoved to the side and forgotten about!

This always reminds me of my mother because she has something very similar but larger and made of gold. I grew up admiring the arabesque style of her vial and Guerlain Terracotta was a mini version!

This product is made up of pigmented kohl and is a deep teal with a hint of sparkle. The luxurious tube comes with a stick applicator, which has the kohl powder on it. You can use it on your upper and lower waterline, creating an intense smoldering look. I would suggest that you use this before any other makeup, because the loose powder can sometimes fall on your face, although you do get better with practise!

I love the intensity of the teal is and how it stands out against my brown eyes. It does last pretty much all day on me, however i also like smudging this on my lower lash line to give a deeper look. 

I have been enjoying using this everyday, as it adds a hint of colour without looking too much and is great for work! 

Have you tried anything from Guerlain?

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  1. This is just beautiful, I haven't seen anything like this before. The packaging is a dream! x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  2. That shade looks gorgeous! Stunning hun x

  3. It is an amazing color looks great on you

  4. This is interesting... the packaging is so cute, id buy it just for that!

  5. I remember when Guerlain released these a few years back but they didn't really interest me at the time. I wish now that I would've picked up a couple of the darker shades as I'd definitely use them.

    I've recently started to collect past limited edition Meteorites, which are incredibly beautiful. Even their packaging, which has varied over the years, is gorgeous. I also love the effect they give the skin, although I hate that they are talc based. I think I've already spent over $600 hunting past discontinued Meteorites down, which probably sounds crazy to most people, but this is my one obsession in life: cosmetics. It's a far healthier hobby than going out to nightclubs & other such garbage. So I just enjoy it, regardless of what anybody thinks. I love looking at all my lovely Meteorites sitting there in their beautiful, limited edition containers covered in intricate designs. I get incredibly excited when I suddenly run across a particular one which I know was only released in Asia, for example, which I never would've expected to find in my country, then checking lot numbers, packaging etc to ensure they're actually authentic & not fakes. It's all part of the fun :-) Even more fun is when I can talk somebody in to selling me their incredibly expensive Guerlain products that they haven't been using for a great price. And I love hunting down ones which were only released in countries outside my own, making them even more rare. I especially love the ones that can double as beautiful blushes! So incredibly gorgeous & glowing, yet not shimmery.

    Ahhh, the mental illness of a cosmetics addict LOL :-) I would die to see a photo of your mother's kohl applicator! I love seeing old, authentic bits like that! So exciting!