Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A Few Things I Learnt From Backpacking/Travelling


Some of you may know that in 2010, i took a year out and decided to go backpacking and also in 2011/2012 i lived in Argentina, so managed to get some travelling done whilst i was over there.

I learnt so much about myself from travelling and wanted to share them with you :). Beware, this post is picture heavy!

Iguacu, Brazil

  • Having cold showers or showering in the jungle! You learn very quickly that it doesn't matter where you are or how cold the water is, you will have a shower regardless!
  • Packing light - When travelling, you can not afford to pack too much, because you have to carry it in your rucksack and will end up breaking your back!

Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala

  • Pushing your boundaries - When i was in Guatemala, i ended up climbing an active volcano. It was one of the scariest things i have ever done because you don't realise how steep the volcano is. I had so many cuts up my leg due to the dried lava because they are pretty sharp shards. However, to watch real lava slowly pouring down the volcano is something you don't get to see everyday!
  • Baby wipes are your saviour! I can not tell you enough how thankful i was to have baby wipes to hand. They are useful for cleaning yourself and freshening up but also come very handy in the toilet department!

Tulum, Mexico

  • Learning how to hand wash your clothes - Washing machines are such a luxury and when you're travelling, you run out of the essentials, like underwear and bras very quickly. I had to hand wash a lot of my stuff, however when i went to larger cities, i would drop them off at the local laundromat to have a thorough clean!
  • No need for makeup! I did take some makeup with me, however i found myself not really wearing anything. I guess when you're travelling, your first priority isn't how your makeup looks, but more on what your plans are for the day and how you're going to make the most of the time being there.

Krabi, Thailand

  • Living on a very tight budget - When travelling, you have to manage your money well because you have to take into account your hostel, food, excursions, any travel and also have some money put aside in case of any emergencies. I stayed in hostels and some were a lot better than others! However, you meet so many people from different parts of the globe and travelling is something you all have in common!

San Ignacio, Belize

  • Sometimes a bed is all you need - If you are looking at the photo above, then you will understand why i said that! We were staying at an Eco Lodge in San Ignacio and i know it looks like a shed but it was an incredible experience. All our lodges were in the forest, and you had to shower in a hut outside. The owners were so friendly and hospitable and i was surprised that they had a computer with Internet connection!

Caye Caulker, Belize

  • You make so many friends from all over the world. I am happy to say that i am still in touch with people that i met travelling and we all have those amazing memories! I have been lucky that some of them have come to visit me here in the UK and i have had the chance to visit them in their home country.


  • Saviour every beautiful view - I can't explain to you guys some of the most incredible things that i have seen and i can't believe places like this exist on earth. Capture and enjoy every moment!

Zip Lining,  Costa Rica
Coffee Roasting, Costa Rica

  • My final point is enjoy every second of it! Sometimes when I'm at work, i think about all the incredible things i experienced whilst travelling! I actually want to do more! I'm one of those people that have been bitten by the travelling bug and if any of you get the opportunity to travel, then do it! Trust me you will not regret it and you will be left with some of the most wonderful memories.

I hope this post didn't come across as me bragging but i honestly didn't realise how much i learnt from travelling. There's certain things that you never knew you were capable of, by pushing your boundaries and making the most of all the opportunities that come your way.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post, and seeing a glimpse of my travelling life! Until next time. xXx

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  1. WOW!!!!! You look so happy living it up and enjoying the beauty/freedom of it all- GOOD FOR YOU!
    Back packing/traveling is def on my bucket list and have heard such amazing stories from those that have had the opportunity to do so. My mother is from Colombia & father from Guatemala which I have to sadly say, I have NEVER been to either country :( I do plan on going some day but did you go with a group of friends that have been before? How long did you go & how much does a voyage like this cost give or take?


  2. What a lovely post. I have got itchy feet and back packing is surely the way to travel IMO.

    Regards. D