Saturday, 19 October 2013

Zukreat Artist of Makeup Contour Sticks Review + Swatches

I picked up two Artist of Makeup Contour Sticks way back in June at IMATS and thought it was time to do a review!

I have used the contour sticks on myself, as well as on clients and can honestly tell you how impressed i am!

It comes in a stick applicator, similar to stick foundations. I find this not only convenient but also hygienic, and it fits in nicely in my kit. The only thing that i am not too keen on is the plastic packaging, as it may crack from being bashed around in my freelance kit.

The texture feels exactly like a stick foundation, very creamy and easy to blend and doesn't feel greasy on the face. As much as i love the Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate, it is sometimes too creamy and when blended out, it becomes very sheer. The AOM Contour sticks work slightly differently because it can be blended into the skin to give a very delicate contoured look, or it can be used in a way to make the contours of your face stand out.

I have used the contour stick for brightening up under the eyes and on my skin, it took a while to really blend it out. I would have liked the highlighting stick to have a few more colours, so that it can be used on different skin tones because it does take time to blend out the product.

I also like how Zukreat has put an expiry date on the back of the products, as we all know makeup items need to be thrown out after a certain period and how many of us actually remember how long we have been using a product for?! This is a great reminder on when to stop using the products!

Overall i am loving both products and it's an excellent addition to my kit. I am unsure how much i paid for the contour sticks but they were around £18? Zukreat will be launching her products very soon and i can not wait to start picking up a few more items. I have so much respect for Zukreat, as i have been watching her on Youtube for so long and i'm so happy that she is launching these new products. I wish her the very best of luck!

I thought i would share with you a contouring tutorial i did a while back using the AOM contour sticks.

Have you tried any AOF products? Thoughts?

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  1. The contour stick looks nice. I am just getting into contouring, would you say this is a good texture to start with? Or are powders easier to blend?

  2. Maybe this is a little OT but I wanted to ask you, in your professional opinion do you think people with our skin coloring should stay away from cool toned makeup?

  3. What shade contour stick is that?

  4. You make it look so easy...I'm definitely going to try contouring with cream products
    Totally off topic what do you store your banana powder in? Was that just an old powder tub? Xx

  5. I have no idea why I found this swatched orange at IMATS. Should have picked one up because it clearly isn't!