Tuesday, 15 October 2013

MAC Riri Hearts First Impressions + Swatches

We all know how insanely popular the MAC Riri Hearts collection and that it practically sold out within minutes! I was lucky enough to pick up a few bits from a MAC store, as they seemed to have quite a bit of stock left.

I decided this post wasn't going to be a review because i haven't had a chance to really use the products etc, and i was getting frustrated how British Beauty Bloggers were putting up reviews at the weekend, when it only launched last Thursday! I honestly don't think you can properly review a product, unless you have thoroughly used it. This post is going to be my first impressions of the product with lots of swatches!

I picked up four things from the collection, 'Riri Woo' lipstick, 'Bad Girl Gone Good' blush, 'Diamonds' cream color base and 'Her Cocoa' eyeshadow quad. I did want the 'Talk That Talk' lipstick, however it was sold out everywhere and i took it as a sign i wasn't meant to have it!

First of all, i love the packaging.....the rose gold looks so beautiful and I'm not normally a sucker for packaging, however my sister thought the packaging looked pretty cheap! I guess we all have our own opinions eh?!

I'm not too fond of super matte lipsticks but i have wanted Riri Woo for so long and decided it was finally time to take the plunge. Riri Woo is super matte but extremely pigmented and is very similar to Ruby Woo (separate post on that soon). It's a very bold red with blue undertones and suits all skin tones.

When i swatched this blush in the store, i knew i had to have it! It's a warm copper with a slight coral undertone and has a satin finish. It reminds me a bit of warm soul, but with a bit more pigmentation and less shimmer. On my skin it appears a golden, copper with a sheen and just gives my NC42 skin a glow!

Diamonds CCB was the first thing i knew i wanted and was keen to swatch it before i purchased it. It is much more shimmery than the other CCB's, but it doesn't appear like that on the skin. It is a very subtle golden shimmer, and is the idea product for highlighting. This can be applied very lightly or heavily depending on the effect that you wanted. It compliments the  'Bad Girl Gone Good' blush very well!

Left-Right: Bad Girl Gone Good, Diamonds, Riri Woo

This quad looks so beautiful and is filled with four warm, neutral eyeshadows. There is one metallic eyeshadow, two shimmery shades and one with a satin finish. Three of the eyeshadows are very pigmented, except the first one.....it comes up more glittery than anything else with not much colour.

I have to say i do like this collection, however i wish MAC had prepared themselves for the response and demand. I honestly didn't expect this to sell out so quickly!

Did you managed to pick up something from the collection?

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  1. Great quality swatches and pictures :) Thank you! Riri Woo does look amazing, I really don't like her packaging though :(

    Roshni’s Journey