Friday, 20 September 2013

Pür Minerals® Lava Rocks Review

I didn't even know that Marks & Spencers did a makeup range.......i guess i must have been hiding under a rock! Anyhew, let me talk about these beautiful little rocks.

When these first arrived on my desk, i thought the *Pür Minerals® Lava Rocks were the most delicate, fiery looking lava rocks and they were just too precious to touch! Once i had stopped awing them, i was wondering how it could be used.

These gems can be used in a variety of ways: eyeshadow, contouring, blush or adding some warmth to the skin. The best way to apply this product, is by using a brush, that way you will get an even distribution of the product.

The colour of these lava rocks are insane, i actually thought they were going to be quite sheer but the contoured look it gave was incredible! I have found them super pigmented, silky to apply without any fallout. The lava rocks have a sheen finish when it's on the skin, which gives the face a glow.

I'm not sure if they will be travel friendly, just because there is no seal to keep the lid in place, so you may open up your bag to find the rocks everywhere!

Pür Minerals® retails at £29.50 and can be purchased HERE.

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