Monday, 19 August 2013

NARS Fairy's Kiss Palette Review

I noticed this palette whilst shopping on the NARS website and fell in love with the shades. I have the previous NARS And God Created The Woman Palette (review HERE) and was obsessed with using that.

This palette is part of the NARS Fall 2013 Gift Collection and there has also been another palette called Ride Up To The Moon released alongside with it.......i managed to add that to my cart too!

I like and dislike this palette, let me explain..........

There is a great balance of lavenders, purples and neutrals and is a palette that is ideal for using day and night. The shades are all from the existing range and from what i can tell, existing duos.

There are four beautiful colours which i loved using; Kalahari, Brousse, Brumes and Pandora. Why are these my favourite out of the palette? I found these eyeshadows easy to apply to the eyelids with very minimal fall out and they blended beautifully. The eyeshadows were pigmented and there was that chance of building up the colour for a more bolder look.

Left-Right: Monosque, Kalahari, Brousse, Tokyo, Brumes, Pandora.

I have Pandora in another palette and for some reason the Pandora in this palette didn't show up as a true black, but almost as a grey/black. I only used Pandora to use on my outer V and my lower lash line and it was fine.......maybe I'm being picky?! However, i really liked using Brumes in my crease and it also helped blend out any harsh lines.

The two shades that i was kinda disappointed in was Monosque and Tokyo. I found these two shades quite chalky and powdery, and found they barely showed up on my NC42 skin. You can see from the swatch, the shades do show up but on my arm only! I tried using them wet to see if it would become more pigmented, but it didn't! I ended up trying to use them on the inner corner of my eye, as it's a light shade but again, the colour didn't translate onto my lids like it is in the palette.

You can see the difference between the older palette, and the new existing palette, as well as a blusher.

Top: Older Palette. Middle: NEW Fairy's Kiss Palette. Right: Blush Palette

I think the size of the palette may annoy some people because the eyeshadows seem a bit smaller compared to the ones you got in the previous limited edition palette and they were only about £7 more. 

My final thoughts? I honestly do like this palette, but found Monosque and Tokyo the most disappointing shades out of the entire lot. It's kinda frustrating, as i wont get much use out of those colours, however, these shades are more suited to paler skin tones. In my honest opinion, i think this palette isn't great for people who have deeper skin tones than myself, because the colours just aren't pigmented enough. Its great if you want a subtle natural look, but if you wanted to use this for a super smokey eye makeup, i don't think the shades will be bold enough.

I am eager to see how the Ride Up To The Moon palette is compared with this one.

The palette is limited edition, retails at £32 and can be purchased HERE.

What do you think of NARS eyeshadows?

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  1. This makeup look is amazing. What blush are you wearing? - its gorgeous!!

  2. That's really disappointing, I wanted to treat myself to one of these palettes and I think you recommended the other one for me so I look forward to reading your review on that. I think Selfridges have another larger Nars palette out that is exclusive to them. It is an absolute gorgeous look you have created, those colours look amazing on you and it is a very pretty palette. x


    I think it might be worth getting this palette as it is a way of trying out different Nars blushes to the ones I already have and some eyeshadows too. And I think it might be better value for money. What do you think?

  4. I've never tried Nars, like ever! unfortunately, I can't find this brand in stores in my country and it's a bit pricey for my budget... but I have to admit I've been thinking about saving some money and buying one of their blushes.
    The eye shadows are really nice but too bad the lighter shades don't translate so well on your skin...