Sunday, 11 August 2013

MAC Makeup Removing Wipes Review

You guys are probably thinking why on earth is she doing a review on makeup wipes?! I have tried my fair share of makeup wipes, some good and some bad, so i thought i would give the MAC wipes a go.

I have searched high and low for good makeup wipes and i don't just want wipes that take off face makeup but i needed wipes that can remove stubborn eye makeup too. Many makeup artists had recommended these wipes to me and i decided to pick up a pack and see if it was really living up to what they were saying.

I like how MAC offer three different size packs, as normally there are about 25 face wipes in a pack? You can get packs of 30, 45 and 100. I decided to pick up the 100 bulk pack, as it was more economical, even though it is £19.50!

I know what you guys are thinking......£19.50 per pack, you crazy?!! Hmmm maybe?! Let me explain.....

These makeup wipes take off everything and i mean everything. You also only need one wipe, whereas with other brands, i have used maybe 2/3 face wipes just to remove all my face and eye makeup. It removes even waterproof mascara and doesn't leave a greasy film on my skin, unlike other wipes.

The one thing that i loathe is when face wipes start to dry out. I hate that little sticky tab that you get, which ends up coming off after a couple of days! The MAC wipes has a secure clip tab and a foil lining underneath, so it prevents any moisture loss and keeps the wipes nice and hydrated.

I normally only use makeup wipes on my really lazy days before bed or when i am at the gym, and i have found that it removes all makeup in one easy go and doesn't break me out.

I know this is a huge chunk of change to fork out on makeup wipes, however i do find that these work for me and i am more than happy to use these on my clients when on a shoot etc.

MAC Makeup wipes start from £10 and can be purchased HERE.

What are your favourite wipes?

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  1. I am not a big fan of using makeup removing wipes, but that's maybe just because I haven't found the ones that work like magic... these seem to be fantastic but they are quite pricey for me...

  2. I want to try the Neutrogena ones which are half the price.. worth a try.


  3. This is so interesting that you posted this. I'm sending you over a pack or a box of the COSTCO kirkland brand for a comparison. They're fab and they remove EVERYTHING- with one wipey. Not to mention that they're only $12 for 150 wipes- NICE right? They also have cucumber, chamomile flower & aloe so good for your face. The only down fall is that they do have a sticker seal but they don't leak or anything just the seal could be better like the MAC ones. OMG...I'm really curious to know your thoughts on them as I have tried the MAC ones & YES, they are good but the perfume smell kills me. What others have you tried out?

  4. Ok, sorry just realized that it does have a flip top lid and the small travel size packs have the plastic seal.

  5. Mine are dried out. Any Suggestions?