Saturday, 27 July 2013

My Collection of NYX Blushers

I am a bit late on the bandwagon for NYX blushes but i am so, so, so happy i have them in my life now! I don't have many drugstore blushes and these were the ones i was keen on getting hold of. I managed to pick a couple up from IMATS and the rest i ordered online.

These little pots of blushes are super pigmented and not chalky. I have sometimes found it difficult to find drugstore blushes that compliment my skin tone and these certainly do!

NYX blushes are packaged in a black casing with a clear top. I prefer blushes having clear tops, as it makes it so much easier to find a particular shade. I'm not too fussed on the packaging, because for me its what the product does! I love the quilting pattern on the blushes! I think it makes them a bit different to other drugstore brands.

These blushes blend very well but i do find on my oily skin, the wear time is probably about 5 hours before it has started to fade.

This first blush has to be my favourite out of the powder blushes. It is called Cinnamon and is a bright, matte orange, however on my skin, it looks more peachy. I think on fairer skin tones it will look a lot more orange. It has a pinky undertone to it and when applied to tanned or darker skin, it appears like a coral blush.

The next blush is Mocha and it is a shade that appears much more pinky on my darker skin. In the pan it looks like a terracotta/pink. I think Mocha is one of those blushes that suits most skin tones because the pink looks different on each person. For more lighter skin tones, it will look like a brighter pink.

The final blush is Pinched, which a lot of people say is a dupe for NARS Orgasm (separate post will be done). Pinched is a shimmery, peachy pink with gold shimmer. I have found that it's quite sheer, and does need to be built up. This is a shade that will suit all skin tones.

The next 2 blushes that i am going to talk about is the cream blushes. I do like wearing cream blushes, especially in the summer because i like layering my cream and powder products together to give some longevity to the cheek colours. I find the cream blushes very buttery and easy to blend. They don't leave a greasy or tacky feeling to the skin. I would suggest applying this with a stippling brush because it would be easier to blend. It gives the skin, the most beautiful dewy appearance. 

Red Cheeks blush is a bright red, however when applied with a light hand and blended, it gives the skin a gorgeous pinky bluish flush to the skin. This maybe a colour that is a tad difficult to wear, however on fair skin, it will look absolutely stunning.

The final blush is Orange, and it looks like a bright tangerine orange in the pan but when applied to the skin, it is a more peachier orange. This is a shade that can be worn on all skin tones, but will enhance more tanned, dark complexions.

Left-Right: Red Cheeks, Orange, Pinched, Mocha, Cinnamon

I am very impressed with NYX blushes, not only are they super affordable, but they are extremely pigmented. I can not fault them at all, however i do wish they were in stores here in the UK, as it is very difficult to get an idea of the shades online and how they will look on my skin. Will i be purchasing more??! Errrr yes!!

NYX blushes start from £5.50 and can be purchased online HERE.

Have you tried any NYX blushes? Recommendations?

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  1. I quite like the look of mocha but for someone who's not necessarily a blush person (lipstick is my love) I seem to have amassed a few. I get the impression nyx is good at catering for women of colour x

  2. I am thinking about buying Mocha and Red cheeks , need to include some more blushes in my makeup stash because i am getting quite bored of using my 4 blushes over and over again . Thanks for the post

  3. I haven't tried NYX blushes yet but I plan to get a cream blush from NYX... I do love their eye shadows and if the blushes are as pigmented as the eye shadows then they're really great products and so affordable

  4. I wish Nyx had a store here too. I keep looking to buy lip pencils and glosses but keep getting put off! Think I'll purchase some now based on this x

  5. I love Orange and Cinnamon, I really wish they did them here in the UK! Hopefully I'll be able to pick up a few NYX products when I go over to America, blushers and jumbo eye pencils are definitely top of my list :)


  6. I have the one in Peach and i absolutely love it!

  7. I discovered these several years ago and own several of the powder, cream & stick cream types. Love them all. I find they last quite a bit longer on me than they do for you, even though my skin is oily like yours. I often use the cream or stick cream type, set it with a tiny bit of translucent powder & then follow with a simular shade of their powder blush really lightly. I find this makes them last all day. I'm lucky that I can buy many of their products locally, although not the entire line of NYX products. The only ones I don't like at all are their lip products, and I've tried many of the many types they make. Their texture and/or their scent/taste totally puts me off, but NYX does have some really nice shades for lips. And I must say, their glitter shadows are absolutely putrid. But for the most part, NYX makes some really great products.