Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Best Complexion Highlighters: YSL Touche Eclat, MAC Prep + Prime, Tom Ford Highlighter

I love these magic pens that instantly give a boost of radiance to your face and especially brightening up the under eye area.

I have got three in my collection and wanted to give you the run down. They all are in a pen style applicator and either have a twist or push mechanism, which allows the product to be pumped to the brush. All of them have the same synthetic brush, making it extremely easy and convenient for application.

YSL Touche Eclat (No. 3) £25

This is probably one of the most popular complexion highlighters and came onto the market before any other brand.

The texture feels like a light lotion and if you are looking for it to conceal dark under eye circles, i'm afraid it won't because there just isn't enough coverage. It gives a very subtle highlighted glow and adds radiance to the skin. I love using it under my eyes, as it just makes my eyes appear more wide awake.

MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter (Bright Forecast) £17.50

This is probably the cheapest out of all three. The texture is slightly thicker than the YSL Touche Eclat, however i do find sometimes it creases quite easily. It is a creamy yellowy/peachy shade and is very brightening for under the eye area. It is great for using on the bridge of the nose and forehead, because it does give a boost of radiance to the skin. I feel the MAC Prep + Prime gives more of a brighter appearance on darker skins because of the yellow tone in the highlighter.

Tom Ford Illuminating Highlight Pen (Amber Eclat) £40

The Tom Ford highlighting pen is certainly the most expensive of the bunch! This has a slightly thicker consistency compared with the other two highlighting pens, which i think is better for people wanting to conceal their under eye circles but don't want to use something too heavy. There are eight shades to choose from, so you aren't limited!

Left-Right: YSL Touche Eclat, MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter, Tom Ford Illuminating Highlighting Pen.

Which one is my favourite? I always find myself reaching for the YSL Touche Eclat because i love the light consistency! It doesn't crease and it brightens up my face.

What is your favourite highlighting pen?

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  1. Really nice and informed review defo a needed post! I have the ysl and wanted to try other brands particularly Tom Ford.


  2. I am afraid none of these work for me :( But glad they work for you.

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  3. Great review. These look nice but can't get myself to spend high end prices when the high street has finally clocked on to the whole highlighting concealer pens :)

  4. I recently purchased a tube of Josie Maran Argan Tinted Moisturizer, as well as a tube of Laura Mercier Radiance Foundation Primer, which are both really great products. The ingredients in both are very good, especially in the JM product. They both layer under liquid or mineral foundation perfectly, leaving a more sheer, natural, summertime finish - but you still get nice coverage. The LM Radiance product works great as a highlighter anywhere on the face, without looking like you've applied a highlighter. The LM product comes in smaller & larger sizes. I got the 1 oz tube, which is a bargain compared to the products you mentioned. About $27, and it goes a long way. The JM product came in a 1.7 oz tube, an even better bargain at about $29.

    There is also a great product made by Senna Cosmetics called HD Eye Lift, which is a pressed powder product. I paid less than $20 for that & it's very much concentrated. Can be used anywhere on the face. In fact, all of these products can be used anywhere on the face.

    The last product I picked up in this category is Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient Lighting Powder, a pressed powder product - 10 grams - which I believe was around $41 here. Another great product that can be used anywhere on the body. It comes in 6 shades, if I remember correctly. I got Dim Light. Works great for both day or night use.

    I find all these products a much better deal than a lot of the more expensive per gram products on the market, which are obscene in their pricing.

    Ooooh one more! Lose Watier's limited edition Glamour Rose Illuminating Face & Body Powder. A whopping 18 grams/.63 oz of product, and it's one of the most beautiful looking products I've ever seen. In the package & on the face. Stunning! Picked that up from one of the previous collections for only $39. Major bargain for that amount of product.

  5. Sorry, forgot to say they can all be used around the eyes without caking, creasing or fading. No sparkle, either. Just a beautiful sheen & subtle highlight.

  6. Let me first say GREAT POST! Exactly what I needed to know! I'm a late bloomer with makeup. I'm a real Light Tan woman but under the eyes i have a lil bit of dark circles than real yellowish color do you know which color highlighter I should use & where did you purchase these products?