Sunday, 19 May 2013

Make Up Store Haul

A while back i was in Oxford Street and i needed to purchase a few bits for my makeup kit and i decided to visit the Make Up Store in Fouberts Place.

As soon as i went into the store, i saw rows and rows of different products, offering a variety of shades and textures. I wanted to pick up a good contouring and highlighting product in a cream formula but also some concealers.

The makeup artists in the store were helpful and so informative because i was asking about products for my upcoming asian brides. The highlighters really stood out to me and i was there for ages just swatching and playing around with the products.

I ended up picking up:
  • Studio Foundation (Coffee)
  • Cover All Mix (Dark)
  • High Tech Lighter (Asteroid/Sundust)
  • Eye Pencils (Emerald/Golden Days)

Cover All Mix Dark
High Tech Lighter 'Sundust'
High Tech Lighter 'Asteroid'
Studio Foundation 'Coffee'
Eye Pencils. Top: Emerald, Bottom: Golden Days
Left-Right: Asteroid, Sundust, Golden Days, Emerald.
Left-Right: Coffee, Cover All Mix Dark

I like how simple the packaging is because for me, i don't base my opinion around packaging, it's what the product does! I think sometimes brands get a bit too hyped up about the packaging, when it's the actual product itself you should be basing your opinions on. Don't judge a book by it's cover, judge it on it's contents! That's just my own opinion!

I love the consistency of the cream products, especially the foundation and highlighters. It is super creamy and easy to blend in. The concealer kit is highly pigmented and you need the tiniest amount! The eyeliners apply like butter and i only purchased two shades, even though there was a huge range of colours!

I actually can not wait to use them on my upcoming brides!

Unfortunately you can not order on The Make Up Store website, however they have two stores in London: Fouberts Place and Westfield London. You can also check out their products on the website HERE.

Have you tried anything from The Makeup Store?

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  1. OK.. please stop posting amazing articles about great products :) You are BAD NEWS for my bank account you know :)

    I love reading your blog. Thanks so much for posting.

    1. I'm so sorry!! Trust me, that's why i don't go shopping often!! Glad you enjoyed the post! xx

  2. Be sure and let us know how the Cover All Mix Dark performs.

    1. I will do. Hopefully will use it in a tutorial :)

  3. Love the look of that 3 shade pan, even though the shades are too dark for me. Would love to see swatches of some of their lighter shades. I usually use peachy-toned concealers around my eyes but good ones that don't cake or crease aren't always very easy to find. This brand looks like they might carry something like that based on the swatches you posted. Do they carry 'color correcting' powders? I use a peach toned one to set my under eye concealer & will run out fairly soon, so I need to find another one as the brand I used to buy from has really bad customer service.

    1. I think they only had 2 concealer kits, one light and the other dark. I just liked that it came with 3 shades so you can mix colours when need be. I didn't managed to view their whole range, as they had so many products, however i will check that out next time.