Thursday, 23 May 2013

I'll be your Lover & you can be my Hussy

I wanted to play around with the title of this review and it does sound kinda provocative doesn't it??? Little do people know the scandalous name that i am referring to is the Illamasqua Duo in Lover and Hussy.

This is the first ever duo blusher within the brand, so there was a lot of excitement going on! I have just managed to get hold of one recently and wanted to share my thoughts. Both these blusher shades can be purchased individually but it seems much more fun to have a duo to play around with.

The blushers are matte and super pigmented (like all Illamasqua blushers) and are not chalky or powdery. I was a bit wary of Hussy, purely because i don't tend to wear very pink blushes but OMG it looks amazing! Lover is a soft peachy apricot and Hussy is a bright, candy pink.

Without Flash
With Flash

The duo is perfect for mixing and layering, and you can have a different 'flush' of colour on your cheeks everyday! Both the shades are perfect for most skintones, however i think for very dark, deep skin, the colours may come up a bit ashy.

My overall thoughts? I am loving this! I find it convenient to have two shades in a palette and the pigmentation of these blushers are insane.

The duo blushers retail at £26 and can be purchased HERE.

Have you tried any of the Illamasqua Duo Blushes?

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  1. The colours look lovely on you!! Very glowing :D


  2. I think they look better layered than individually. Will be popping over to the Illamasqua counter soon =)

  3. what do you have on your lips? It gives your lips the perfect pink glow and goes great with the blusher