Thursday, 2 May 2013

Bioderma Photoderm Max Spray SPF 50 Review

Whenever i hear the name Bioderma, i always seem to think about their Crealine solution and little did i know about their Photoderm range!

Some of you may know that i was very fortunate to travel to Cuba recently, and the one thing i always make sure i have, is plenty of sunscreen.

Even though i have dark skin, i will still protect myself from the sun (i always use SPF 50) because regardless what skin tone you are, you can still burn and damage your skin.

Bioderma sent me the Photoderm Max Spray SPF 50* and i thought Cuba was the perfect place to test it out! When i was younger, i used to hate using suncream because the creams always came up so white on me or were super greasy.....not the nicest feeling when you're on holiday!

I used the Photoderm Max Spray every single day when i was in Cuba. I loved that it came in spray bottle, as it made is super easy to apply.  It sprayed out the right amount of product along my body and then i could just rub it into the skin. Previously, i have used the suncreams that are in bottles or tubes and i have always squeezed out way to much product! There were no horrid white marks on my skin and the best thing was, that it absorbed easily into my skin and didn't feel greasy!

In Varadero i was in and out of the sea and using a suncream that was water resistant just made it ideal to use when doing water sports, activities etc. I am definitely taking this little baby on my next holiday!

Have you tried anything from the Bioderma Photoderm range?

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