Thursday, 4 April 2013

Wild About Beauty Safari Nights Palette

I love discovering palettes that have multi uses and the Wild About Beauty Safari Nights Palette* is the perfect palette for spring.

The palette contains a selection of lip, cheek and eye shades designed to give the perfect sun kissed look. It also contains a variety of textures from powders to creams.

The shades in this palette are:
  • Powder Eyeshadows (Aine/Polly)
  • Cream Eyeshadows (Buster/Edna)
  • Blush (Kitty)
  • Multi-purpose tint (Sandra)
  • Ultra dewy glow stick (Benny)
  • Nutrilips gloss (Sasha)

Personally i adore using cream products in the spring. Creams just give a natural sheen to the skin and make it appear healthy and glowing. We all want to have makeup that looks incredibly effortless and for me this palette does exactly that!

Don't be put off by the shades because they are wearable for all skin tones. Everything is about application and layering. For more fairer skin tones, apply the products with a much lighter'll get the benefit of the colours without it looking intense. Darker skin tones can layer the products, depending on the intensity that you want. Remember, you can apply cream products first and apply the powder product on top. This will give more longevity and a boldness to the colours. For all those who suffer from creasing, make sure you apply a good eye primer!

The Safari Nights palette contains a beautiful mixture of textures and shades to suit all skin tones. I love that it's so portable and has a large sized mirror inside the palette. I have been enjoying using this palette, as i think it's just ideal for this time of year.

Wild About Beauty will donate £4 to the Born Free Foundation for every palette sold. This Charity is very close to my heart, as i was one of their volunteers and i am so proud that this money is going to a great cause.

Have you tried this palette? Thoughts?

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  1. Beautiful look! I really want this pallete now!Looks amazing