Friday, 5 April 2013

L'Occitane Shea Butter Skin Care Starter Kit Review

I was recently sent the L'Occitane Shea Butter Skin Care Starter Kit* and i have been an avid user of their shea butter hand cream, so was interested in giving this a go.

Unfortunately, this kit caters for a dry skin type, whereas i have combination skin, with some dryness on my nose.

What do you get in the kit:

Ultra Gentle Cleansing Milk 50ml
Fresh Face Water 100ml 
Ultra Rich Face Cream 15ml

I also received a mini Shea Butter Fabulous Serum that repairs damaged skin from harsh conditions and protect it in the future. It has a strong shea butter scent and is easily absorbed into the skin upon application. I use this prior to applying moisturizer. This made my dryness disappear! I have some flakiness around my nose and after using this serum for a couple of days, i had no dryness left!

I love using the Ultra Gentle Cleansing Milk (even though it's catered for dry skin types!) because it is so gentle to use on my skin. This removes all my makeup at the end of the day and adds a bit of moisture to the dry parts on my face without making me oily.

The Fresh Face Water is an alcohol free makeup remover, which is rich in shea extract and floral waters. Personally, i didn't use this as a makeup remover but more of a toner. I used this after cleansing my skin with the Ultra Gentle Cleansing Milk and it removed any last bits of dirt and makeup.  This did leave my skin feeling slightly tacky, which i have never experienced with toners.

The Ultra Rich Face Cream smells like shea butter which is divine, however, I found the cream way to rich for my skin type. It is a very thick cream and felt quite heavy on my skin. I think this is more suited for dry/sensitive/normal skin types. I wouldn't recommend this for combination-oily skin types.

What are my overall thoughts? I certainly like the range but unfortunately it wasn't catered to my skin type. I would definitely recommend this to dry and sensitive skin types, however most of the products were just too heavy for me.  I would love to see what they offer for combination/oily skin types.

Have you tried L'Occitane Skin Care?

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  1. Great review, I love L'occitane products. Having combination skin I have tried Angelica and the Immortelle brightening range and both worked really well.

  2. ohh i wish i saw this earlier :( ive had enough of my dry skin so JUST purchased the Aveda starter set this looks so good xx

    Shana x

  3. Some of the products sound lovely! I love L'Occitane products xx

  4. This sounds lovely, great review!