Tuesday, 5 February 2013

TAG | Why Do I Wear Makeup?

I have just been reading a post written by Coco at The Beauty Milk (check her out HERE) and it was quite an interesting read, so thought i would do the tag myself.

When did you start wearing makeup?
I think it was when i was around 15/16 years old. My mum was very strict about wearing makeup and we weren't allowed to wear makeup at my secondary school! I only started wearing it at major events, such as birthdays, Eid, prom etc.

What was the first makeup that you bought and loved?
Black kohl eyeliner. It was many years ago, so i don't remember which brand it was, although it was a drugstore one! I have grown up seeing many beautiful bollywood actresses wearing kohl eyeliner and their eyes looked smoldering and almost cat like. It was something that i wanted!

What is your most used eyeshadow?
For me any sort of brown, whether it's from MAC or Urban Decay. I find that browns go with everything that you're wearing, so in the morning i don't need to think what shade goes with my outfit!

When did you begin loving makeup?
It would have been when i was about 18. I had just started to work for Boots and on a Sunday, i was always on one of the makeup counters. I loved it because i actually got to play around with makeup at work! Once, i visited the MAC counter in Selfridges and was so overwhelmed. One of the artists did my makeup and i was just in awe! Then, when i moved to London and i was fortunate enough to work for brands such as Clinique, Lancome and MAC.

How do you feel without makeup?
To be honest, i am fine without wearing makeup, it doesn't bother me either way. When i used to work for makeup companies, it was compulsory to wear a lot of makeup and any chance i could go without makeup, i would! For me, i like to remove my makeup at the end of the day and still look like me. I don't want anyone ever saying "are you ill, or something?"......that's not something you want to be hearing! I like going out sometimes without makeup, it just gives my skin a breather and my skin will always come first before anything.

What do you like about makeup?
Experimenting! I think it's incredible how makeup can transform a person, even in the subtlest of ways. I love being able to do makeup on someone and enhancing someones features. I don't like it when some people use makeup as a mask, it completely defies the object.

Three Holy Grail items:
Gel eyeliner - I love gel eyeliner! It defines the eyes in so many ways.
Coral blush - It gives asian skin tones the most amazing natural flush!
Eyeshadows - Many of you know that i am obsessed with smokey eye makeup. I believe eyes are the portal to the soul.

Why do you wear makeup?
It makes me feel good! Being able to create different looks is so much fun and the great thing is that it's not permanent, so you can wipe your face clean and start all over again.

Any misconceptions about makeup that really bother you?
Yes! One of them has to be there's only one way of doing makeup :/ erm makeup is artistry and there is no right or wrong, as long as it looks good, then go for it!
One piece of advice i will give to anyone is to not to be afraid. Play and experiment with colours and textures. There are so many things that you will discover and that's the fun of it! Remember, it's not permanent!

I hope this post has given you guys an in depth perspective about me and makeup. If you guys do the tag, please send me the links!!!

Why do you wear makeup? 


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  1. I wear makeup to express myself. My school has a very strict dress code ( we can only wear certain types of shrirts and certain pants...its ridiculous) There are very limited option on how to show who you are. So I do my makeup to suit my mood. If I'm giving a presentation I like to wear a smoldering smokey eye to give myself an edge. ( however not everyday is a smokey day haha) Usually I just put on some bb cream and mascara and I'm ready to tackle the day. Of course, I'm fine without makeup, I just like the boost of confidence that a simple swipe of mascara gives me :)

    1. Completely agree with how even a bit of mascara can make a person feel amazing. It's incredible the wonders of makeup! x

  2. I agree with the things you listed as misconceptions. A lot of people are stuck on makeup "rules" and they want to impose them on others (like warm the conception that warm skintones can't wear cool toned colors). Makeup is a way of self expression and at the end of the day should be fun and very personal.
    This post was a lovely read. Glad you did the tag :) xx

    1. Exactly! I think makeup is all about having fun and experimenting. Makeup is very individual, there's no set look for everyone. xx

  3. Hi Selina
    I found this quite inspirational - I've just tagged myself and posted an article to my blog too...xXx

    1. Awww thank you. Can you send me the link please? xxx

  4. I did the tag too :)

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