Sunday, 24 February 2013

Rush, Rush, Rush.......Get My Hair Done By Rush

A couple of days a go, i had the opportunity to pop to Rush* and get my hair done. Now, i haven't cut my hair in over two years....YES, two years! It needed a lot of lovin'.

I was advised to come to Rush a few days before my appointment to have a strand test. This is because my hair is black and they wanted to check if it would take the dye.

I decided to go for a subtle ombré and Gemma (the stylist) was very helpful. I told her that i didn't want something too OTT. I am a very natural type of girl when it comes to my hair. I haven't coloured my hair in many years and thought it would be quite fun to have it ombréd.

I was so lucky to have the beautiful and talented Gemma as my stylist. She did exactly what i wanted and i found her extremly professional. My hair took nearly four hours from start to finish, and we ended up finishing at 9pm! She was so patient and friendly, that it didn't even feel as though it had taken that long! She kept the length of my hair and blow dried it to the most gorgeous way.

Here is my hair a few days before........

Me getting some of the colour put in.....yes there is some logic in the crazy hair!

And now.....

Me and Gemma
The pictures don't do the hair justice but the first picture is how it looks!

What did i think overall? I am over the moon! It's natural and subtle with some colour, which is exactly what i wanted. Gemma is an asset to Rush and one of the best stylists i have ever had and i will definitely be going back to her. I have received so many compliments about my hair and it was all thanks to Gemma, Vanessa and the team at Rush!!

I will certainly be recommending Rush to all my family and friends. Yes, the prices are slightly higher than a regular hairdressers, however the service is one of the top i have had. You guys got full marks from me!

Click HERE to find out about your local Rush.

Have any of you ever been to Rush?

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  1. Your hair looks gorgeous! Ive always been to scared to get ombre this looks great, Rush is amazing ive been going there for the past 2/3 years x

  2. This looks amazing! So beautiful! x

  3. Love the hair! I don't think they have a Rush here near to where i live but i would like to get my hair coloured by them.:-)