Thursday, 14 February 2013

Elemis Milk Bath Review

When it comes to winter and those cold dark nights, i always look forward to having a long hot bath in the evening.
Elemis kindly sent me the Milk Bath* and oh my god why had i not found this sooner??!!
Now we all know that Cleopatra was famous for having her milk baths and how incredible her skin was, so this gave me the opportunity to recreate her bathing ritual.....well kinda!

Elemis recommends you use 5 capfuls into a hot running bath and should be used for 12 consecutive days if you suffer from severe dryness. I only use this product when i have a bath, which is about two nights a week.....that makes me sound filthy doesn’t it??!! FYI, i do shower!  ;)
The fragrance is almost comforting if that makes sense?  It contains natural plant collagen from oat extract and Japanese Camellia Oil.
I love having a bath just before bed, because my body is super relaxed. My skin is incredibly soft after soaking in the bath, and i don’t even need a body cream because it feels almost silky to touch.
This is definitely a luxury spa product that retails at £44. Personally £44 is a lot for a milk bath, however, you have to look into what ingredients there is and how it benefits the skin. I would purchase it and use this sparingly because I do believe in pampering your body. If your body is happy on the outside, then you’re gonna be feeling happy on the inside!
Have you tried any Elemis bath products?

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  1. Now that’s what I’m talking about. I love these soap baths and the Elemis looks quite promising too.

  2. Absolutely love love love your blogs!.. and videos. Please can you do one on eye makeup for sensitive eyes.. struggling ;(