Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Budget Buy | Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Review

Today i wanted to talk about the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. I purchased this way back in December and i really wanted to give it a go before i reviewed it.

I am always wary about purchasing drugstore concealers, because in the past i could never find one to match my skin tone.......it was either to pink, too light or too orange!

Well, i ended up selecting shade 35 and trust me when i say i spent ages trying to choose my shade! They must have thought i was a shoplifter or something! Ha ha!

There are some good and bad points about this concealer and i will start off with the good!
  • The texture is very light and doesn't have a thick consistency, unlike the MAC Studio Finish Concealer.
  • Blends very easily with either your fingers or a brush.
  • There are a wide variety of shades to choose from.
  • Doesn't go cakey or settle within the lines of your face.
  • Covers dark circles well and you can layer if you need more coverage.
  • Doe foot applicator, making it easy and hygienic for application.
  • Cheap! Only cost £5.99.
  • Covers most imperfections.

And now for the bad.....
  • It isn't very good at covering large/red pimples.
  • Sometimes emphasizes the dryness around a healing blemish.
  • When opening the tube, the applicator can just jump out, causing a mess everywhere!

The bad points have only come from me having a huge breakout and i was using the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. I had a gigantic spot on my cheek and it just couldn't cover it, and i don't mean cover the zit so that it's invisible because it clearly wasn't. But, what i mean is that it was quite red and sore and i just wanted to calm the redness down in order for my skin to look more even.

The other thing i noticed was that as my spot was healing, it was starting to have a bit of dryness around it, which is normal as a spot is healing. I thought that due to the concealer being quite light, that it would be moisturizing but it kinda did the opposite. My spot look uber dry and flaky, even with the concealer on! It just didn't do anything.....i even tried layering it but nothing! I had to resort back to using my Bobbi Brown Concealer and the thicker consistency covered it up straight away!

Below is a picture of my arm before and after. You can see the vein clearly, then after using the concealer it's clear how much the 'green' was covered.

Overall, i think this is an amazing concealer for undereye circles and the odd blemish here and there, however for larger blemishes that are maybe red and sore, i just don't think it covers that well. The price for this is fantastic and i am genuinely pleased that there are shades that cater to most skin tones.

Have you tried this concealer?

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  1. I'm very surprised that this is a good product. It looks like it covers extremely well in your photo. Another makeup artist (gossmakeupartist) reviewed the Fit Me foundation - what a stupid name - and also loved it. Very shocking to me as I've had nothing but bad experiences with that brand - except for their Color Tattoo cream shadows. Other than these products, I tend to avoid Maybelline products like the plague.

    1. I haven't tried any of their other foundations, so they could be hits or missed. I think just due to my skin type, the concealer and foundation worked really well. xx

  2. It gave the best result for you. I have wrinkles and I hope this concealer will help me.

    1. Thank you! I am sure it will, give it a go and let me know what you think. :)

  3. I really liked this fit me line for everyday use, the foundation goes kind of dewy and I have to wait more than usual for it to dry but it's nice nonetheless. The concealer has a nice formula and no creasing!:)

    1. I like it for everyday use as well because it's so much lighter and more natural! xx

  4. I just got a new product from Coastal Scents today called Bright Eyed, which is absolutely phenomenal. Great price too. Paid only $5.99 for a 20ml tube. Love love LOVE this stuff! It has a great texture, doesn't crease once you set it & really brightens up the eye or any other area without making it look stark or overly light. The shade I got was Light, which is slightly peach in tone. I set it with a lightly tinted peach powder, which really helps my tired looking eyes awake & alert, without looking odd. Best product ever, and you get a ton! I got mine on sale, so I think it's around $9 normally. But even at that price it's well worth picking up. Will be using this product for a very long time to come! Total bargain that really delivers on its promises!

  5. I was really disappointed with mine. Must be full of silicone because even after just the tiniest bit of under-eye brightening my otherwise pretty much bullet proof mascara transferred and gave me panda eyes. Kept trying but ultimately, that's a huge downfall.

  6. I love it. It doesn't settle in my wrinkles the way that MAC does