Friday, 18 January 2013

Are We Becoming Makeup Hoarders?

The other day I was thinking about how ridiculous my makeup collection is and thought about a hoarding program that I had watched on Chanel 4 a while back.
With the huge number of beauty bloggers and youtubers, it makes me wonder if we’re all just becoming makeup/beauty hoarders. Over the years, my makeup collection has grown significantly and yes, there are products that go straight into my professional makeup kit and then, there are those naughty little purchases for myself.
Do many bloggers/youtubers use this as an excuse to purchase more beauty related items? I know that sometimes I try to justify that it’s for my channel or my blog!
I have seen numerous videos on people’s makeup collection and I always wonder if they will be using up all those products or just sitting around in their makeup bags?
One thing that you have to remember is that makeup does have an expiry date, some things last longer than others. For example mascaras are meant to be thrown away after 3 months from when it has been opened, but how many of us have a few mascaras on the go? Do you throw yours out when the 3 months have passed or once you have finished the product?
Sometimes I find it difficult to throw away products because I have barely used it and it has gone past its use by date! It hurts, because you are practically throwing money away and in this economic climate, it isn’t the best time to be doing that!
In addition, many of us are receiving samples from PR companies, which is fair enough but are we becoming gluttonous with the amounts that we are getting sent? I have to admit that it can get a bit overwhelming, especially when it comes to a variety of skin care, hair care, appliances, makeup, and then trying to incorporate it into your daily routine. I find the products that aren’t suitable for my skin tone, skin type etc, I am more than happy to giveaway to a close friend or family member and get the feedback off them.
The term ‘cherry picking’ perfectly describes what many of us do, particularly when it comes to beauty products. I think there is such an enormous variety of products, brands etc, that we are just flooded with choices.
Don’t get me wrong, I love having the choices of products that I have, but occasionally I wish it was smaller and simpler! I find myself sifting through my makeup collection every morning because I am looking for a particular shade of lipstick! It’s kinda frustrating when you are running late for work!

For 2013, I have decided not to buy unnecessary makeup or beauty items unless I have completely finished the product and need a new one. However, I will also be using up the dupes of the products too! For my kit though, I will still purchase the bits that I need.
There is a great initiative in the UK called Give and Makeup. This company takes the donations of cosmetics and beauty products and gets them to women who have suffered at the hands of domestic violence. I think this is a great way to pass on any makeup that you no longer want, as you are helping someone who genuinely needs it.
I have also been selling the makeup that i am no longer using or have never used. I don’t see the point in having products sitting there and looking at me expecting to be used!

I know this seems like a random blog post but it had been on my mind for a while and i needed to get it written down! I hope it wasn't boring for you guys!

I would love to hear your thoughts on hoarding?

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  1. Great Post Selina! I couldn't agree more! I think as bloggers we (I know I do this) buy things all the time with the excuse that I will review it. From now on I have decided that I won't buy multiple products like skincare until I have completely finished and reviewed my previous purchase I had with that intention...

    1. Thank you! It's so hard trying to stop myself from purchasing things that i don't need and considering i have different variations of the same thing!! x

  2. Before I started blogger my nail varnish collection was tiny now it's huge, that doens' even include how much my kit has increased as well. I'm now a lot more calmer due to financial situation, but I really like the idea of donated unwatned items to charity. x

    1. I think it's a great cause and hopefully will be donating some bits to them! Thank you for stopping by my blog :)

  3. I don't have a big collection by any stretch of the imagination but even I started getting overwhelmed and went through a huge selling spree. As weird as it sounds I get more satisfied from a nice but streamlined collection than a huge one. I do get a few PR samples but I wonder about those that get some everyday. Where on earth do they store this stuff!? Ok essay over lol, great post! :)

    1. Trust me, i am running out of storage! There is only so much you can fit into boxes under your bed and in your kit!! I have always wondered about people who get loads everyday as i wouldn't know where to put it!!! x

  4. I actually counted all the different foundations I own the other excess of 30. And I'm NOT a makeup artist. Some I bought on the recommendation of makeup artists & found they didn't work for me at all (Mehron/Graftobian), others I ordered the wrong shade in, and others I lost interest in after a while. But I still go back & play with them from time to time. But really? More than 30? That's not including all my travel sized samples! Then I've got my multiple hundreds of eyeshadows, tons of cream shadows & gel liners, a boatload of pressed powder, mineral & cream blushes, hundreds of lip products, at least 25 mascaras etc etc. It's a lot!

    But I look at it like this: makeup is my hobby. I love it. It's something I do for myself, because I enjoy it. I love trying new products & formulas, finding out which ones work best for my skin type, which shades look best on me. Other people go to nightclubs, spend money on alcohol/drugs, like buying new cars on a regular basis as status symbols. This is something that isn't in any way unhealthy, it's a hobby I can afford even though my yearly cosmetics bill is multiple thousands of $$, I'm not in debt over it, it doesn't negatively affect my relationship. So I just enjoy it for what it is & don't worry about it. I still donate funds to issues that I believe are important, I help support some family members who desperately need assistance, my husband & I donate money to pay for medical care & legal assistance for those who cannot afford these things in third world countries which we've lived in. Cosmetics aren't about status for me, and I'm not a greedy, shallow person. So I'll continue to enjoy them, even though I've got a whole lot more than I'll ever need.

  5. I used to hoard make-up but these days, if I don't use it, it goes in the bin, especially foundation and mascara. I would love to have tons of nail varnish tho ...I keep these until they're empty or dried up. :)
    Jackie @ Minerva Collection Handbags & Jewellery