Thursday, 26 December 2013

Beyonce Ghost Official Music Video Inspired Makeup

Products Used:
MAC Strobe Lotion
Artist of Makeup Contour Stick (Dark)
MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation (NC44)
YSL Touch Eclat (No.3)
Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Stick (Warm Honey)
MAC Set Powder (Soft Yellow)
*KIKO Soft Light Powder (06)
Bobbi Brown Bronzer (Deep)
Smashbox Blush (Peachy Dream)
Sleek Highlighter from Medium Contour Kit

Anastasia Brow Wiz (Brunette)
Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel (Espresso)
*Pixi Crayon Combo (Wide Awake)

Tarte Clean Slate Eye Primer
Tom Ford Cream Color For Eyes (Spice)
Bobbi Brown Bronzer (Deep)
MAC Technakohl Liner (Graphblack)
Rimmel Scandaleyes Kajal (Nude)
Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers
Makeup Forever Smoky Lash
Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

*KIKO Lip Pencil (01)
Bobbi Brown Lipstick (Heather Pink)
Chanel Lipgloss (69)

I hope you all enjoyed the tutorial!

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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Christmas Party Makeup - Smokey Eyes + Berry Lips

Products Used:
*Elemis Beauty Flash Balm
MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation (NC44)
MAC Strobe Lotion
YSL Touche Eclat (No. 3)
Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Stick (Warm Honey)
MAC Blot Powder (Medium/Dark)
NYX Blush (Cinnamon)
Sleek Contour Kit (Medium)

Tarte Clean Slate 360 Creaseless Eye Primer
*Pixi Shades of Taupe Quad
MAC e/s (Showstopper/Double Feature 4)
Anastasia Catwalk Palette (Beauty Mark)
Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil (Perversion)
Bobbi Brown Black Ink Gel Liner
Makeup Forever Smoky Lash Mascara
Eylure False Lashes (155)

Anastasia Brow Wiz (Ebony)
MAC Brow Gel

MAC Prep + Prime Lip
Catrice Lip Liner (060 Very Berry)
Urban Decay Lipstick (Shame)

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

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Friday, 20 December 2013

The L'Oreal Skin Perfection Range Isn't Perfection.......

Evening everyone!! I am so sorry i haven't blogged in ages! Work has taken over my life, again!! I actually thought it was going to get quieter towards Christmas but instead it's so much busier! Anyway, i wanted to talk about the L'Oreal Skin Perfection range and how i got on with it. A couple of months ago I was shopping at my local supermarket and decided to explore the beauty aisle. 

There was 1/3 off L'Oreal skincare and the Skin Perfection range caught my eye and ended up picking up a few bits in the hope of finding a drugstore product that can help even out skin. 

Here is a little background information about my skin. I have a combination skin type with very little dryness and quite an oily t-zone. I don't have sensitive skin, but i do get hormonal breakouts, as well as getting spots when I'm tired, stressed, or eating crappy food.

The L'Oreal Skin Perfection Advanced Correcting Serum and Day Moisturizer helps transform the appearance of skin quality, minimise the pores, tone the skin and boost the skins hydration.

At first when i used all these products combined, my skin felt amazing! My face felt much smoother, softer and radiant. I loved the feeling of using the day cream, as i felt it was the right consistency for my combination wasn't too light or too heavy. My makeup went on beautifully and i found that my skin appeared a lot more even.

However, i noticed after a very short period of using the Skin Perfection products, that i was continuously getting breakouts. I know i always get breakouts around my time of the month, but for the last couple of months, i have had spots on my face pretty much every single day. There were only a few days where i didn't have any breakouts and i couldn't put my finger on what it was.

Last month i stopped using the entire range completely and i am very happy to say since i haven't been using the products, my skin has cleared up so much and there has been very little breakouts.

I have been trying to figure out what ingredients were in these products that caused my skin to erupt and i haven't been able to narrow it down unfortunately!

All i can say is I'm extremely disappointed that this didn't agree with my skin, as i honestly wanted to find a drugstore product that would help to even out the skin tone. I think i am going to stick to products that I KNOW work fine on my skin and products that i have been using for years, as they still deliver good results.

Have you used anything from the Skin Perfection range?

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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Black & Gold Smokey Eye Makeup


Products Used:
MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation (NC44)
YSL Touch Eclat (No 3)
Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Stick (Warm Honey)
MAC Blot Powder (Med-Dark)
Jordana Blush (18 Touch of Pink)
Sleek Contour Kit (Medium)

Topshop Eye Gleam (Noir)
Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow (Goldilux with MAC Fix+)
*KIKO Eyeshadow (294/217/200)
Bobbi Brown Black Ink Gel Eyeliner
Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil (Perversion)
Makeup Forever Smoky Lash
*Lets Go Lashes (2 Temptress)

Anastasia Brow Wiz (Ebony)
MAC Brow Gel

Bobbi Brown Lipstick (Desert Rose)
MAC Lip Pencil (Nice n Spicy)
*Clarins Instant Light (Rosewood Shimmer)

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!
Until next time!

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Friday, 6 December 2013

The Lowdown On Eye Makeup Removers

We all know how much of a struggle it can be to remove your makeup at the end of the day when your bed is calling you, and now imagine having to use a separate eye makeup remover on top of your nightly routine....noooooooo.

I will be the first to admit, that sometimes i just resort to using face wipes, as it's the easiest and quickest thing to use, especially when you're already in bed!

Over the last few years i have tried several eye makeup removers and makeup removers in general, and wanted to give you guys the lowdown on what's good and not so good!

MAC Cleanse Off Oil £19

I purchased a travel size of this to take with me to Cuba and i am so happy i tried this! This is an oil based cleanser, which removes all dirt and grime, as well as stubborn eye makeup. I apply a few pumps and massage it into my face and then i get a little bit of water, which then emulsifies the oil. Let me tell you guys one thing.......when you're massaging your eyes with the emulsion, your vision can get quite blurry! I don't find it irritates my eyes, but i have to ensure i have removed everything from around my eye area. This is a great all in one cleanser, for those who don't want to use two products.

MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover £15

I really dislike this product because as soon as i applied it to my eyelids, it stung like mad! At first i thought hmmm....maybe it's meant to feel this way? But after several uses i found that it was too uncomfortable to use and it made my eyes sore and irritated. I found that it did remove eye makeup, but i had to go over it with several cotton wool pads and personally i don't want to keep rubbing my eyes.

Boots Essential Fragrance Free Eye Makeup Remover Pads £1.50

I love these! You get 40 pads in the tub and they are pre-soaked with eye makeup remover. This is the best value eye makeup remover, costing only £1.50. A few years back, i took a couple of these when i went backpacking, because they are so small and lightweight and i didn't have to faff around with cotton wool and eye makeup remover. These pads remove all eye makeup, including waterproof mascara. You are left with a very greasy residue, so you do have to wash your face afterwards.

Clinique Take The Day Off £17

I really enjoy using this, because it is a bi-phase makeup remover (which i like) and it literally takes the day off, like it says! This is perfect for contact lens wearers and people who have sensitive eyes. I did find that after using this product for ages, whenever i removed my eye makeup, a couple of eyelashes would fall out! Now, i don't know if it's because i was rubbing my eyes to much but i am a bit cautious! This bottle will last a good 4-5 months, depending on how often you use it.

*Elemis White Flowers Eye & Lip Makeup Remover £19

Another bi-phase eye makeup remover, which i have just started to use recently. This is probably my favourite bi-phase makeup remover at the moment. I find this very gentle on my eyes and i don't need to tug with the cotton wool pad to remove my eye makeup. Again, this is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. I have done a full blog post HERE.

Bioderma Crealine H20 £14.50

I have been using this solution for yonks now and i still love it! I find that it doesn't remove stubborn eye makeup or waterproof eye makeup as effectively but it removes normal day to day eye makeup. When i have been filming tutorials, i normally use a bi-phase eye makeup remover and then use the Bioderma afterwards to ensure my skin is nice and clean. I wouldn't really classify this as an eye makeup remover but more of a general makeup remover. The fab thing about this is that it does irritate the eyes! Full bog post can be found HERE.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish £14.75

This cleanser is not suitable for people who want something quick! This has been one of my favourite cleansers for the last 2/3 years and i still manage to use it! It's a thick cream texture and i just put a couple of pumps and apply it all over my face. The muslin cloth works wonders, you run it under hot water and then wipe away all your makeup. It's kinda weird seeing all the crap from the day on the muslin cloth! I still would use a bi-phase makeup remover if i had a lot of eye makeup on, but when i am just wearing mascara and eye liner, this does the job at removing it. My face feels so clean and fresh after using this product. Full blog post can be found HERE.

KIKO Cleansing Eyes & Lips £5.99

This is a dual layer product and needs to be shaken before it can be used. It removes eye makeup really well and i don't have to keep going over my eyes. It doesn't irritate, nor make my vision blurry and removes everything from waterproof mascara to long lasting lipsticks. It is one of the cheapest ones that i have tried and works just as good as the higher end makeup removers.

No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make-up Remover £8.50

I picked one of these up when i was given a £5 Boots No7 voucher, which you can use on skincare and makeup. I wasn't too keen on this eye makeup remover, as i found it left a very oily residue and once the solution was shaken (as it's a bi-phase remover), it would separate very quickly. This meant for every eye, i had to keep shaking it to mix the solution and just found it a bit annoying. I think this is an ok eye makeup remover and does remove everything, but it's not one i am in a hurry to repurchase.

What are my thoughts overall? To be honest i think the cheaper drugstore ones are just as good as the more expensive eye makeup removers. I do love my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, MAC Cleanse Off Oil and the Bioderma Crealine H2O, as they are all rounders. When it comes to actual eye makeup removers, i always prefer going with a bi-phase remover, because it gets rid of stubborn eye makeup, but i don't prefer a higher end brand over the drugstore ones. I find that they pretty much do the same job.

What is your favourite eye makeup remover?

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Thursday, 5 December 2013

TAG: How Much Is Your Face Worth?

I have been meaning on doing this tag for ages and now i've finally got the time to sit down and write this post up! This is a tag post and you basically add up all the products that you use and total up the final cost.

L'Oreal Skin Perfection Advanced Correcting Serum - £16.99
L'Oreal Skin Perfection Day Moisturiser - £14.99
The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimizer - £7.50
MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation NC44 - £25.00
Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Kit (Warm Honey) - £19.00
YSL Touche Eclat (No.3) - £25.00
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (med-dark) - £22.00 
NYX Blush (Cinnamon) - £6.00
Topshop Glow Highlighter (Gleam) - £9

Anastasia Brow Wiz (Ebony) - £15.50
MAC Brow Gel - £13.00

Urban Decay Primer Potion - £15.00
*Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pencil (Black Noir) - £11.00
Urban Decay Smoked Palette - £35.00
Makeup Forever Smoky Lash Mascara - £17.95
*Pixi Crayon Combo (Wide Awake) - £14.50

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine (62 Monte Carlo) - £24.00

Total = £291.43!!! :/

Woah is all i can say!!! I know i'm a sucker for luxury makeup but i had no idea this is how much it has come to! I'm actually quite mortified!!

To be honest i'm not sure if this tag will control how much i spend on high end makeup because i enjoy using the ones i have. Beauty and skin care is my weakness, just like designer bags and shoes are for others! I know it doesn't make it any better!

How much is your face worth?

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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Blemish Busters.......

You guys are probably sick of me harpering on about my blemishes and over the last few months, i have found products that really do deliver! Christmas is just around the corner and we have all had those times where there is a special event, and a spot rears its ugly head! I have found these products help to banish those spots easily and effectively.

Elemis Skin Clear Treatment Gel*

This treatment spot gel is a god send and i tend to use this before bed. It is a clear gel that contains salicylic acid, which is great for de-clogging pores. It allows the spots to heal, reduce redness and swelling without drying the skin. It feels tingly when applied to the skin but in my books, it means that it's working!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

I use this in conjunction with my Elemis gel and apply it to the skin once all my makeup has been removed. I let it settle into the skin and work its magic, then before bed i apply the Elemis treatment gel. The tea tree oil doesn't dry out my skin and helps soothe out the skin. It is great for those red, throbbing spots because it helps calm it down. When i'm at home and going through a breakout phase, i just apply it to the spots to help get rid of it quicker.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Toner

I have mainly been using this toner at night, along with my other treatment products. This toner feels very refreshing on the skin and removes any traces of dirt or makeup left from cleansing. You do have to shake the bottle to activate the mattifying powders. This toner has helped with my skin, preventing from blemishes appearing on other parts of my face.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask

I have been using this twice a week when my breakouts have appeared and trust me this mask works wonders! It feels very cooling on the skin and the tea tree oil helps with the spots. It cleanses and soothes the skin without making my face feel dry. I like using this after a hot bath or shower, as my pores are open and the mask helps draw out the impurities.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo (FULL BLOG POST)

The Effaclar Duo is a go-to product that is suitable to use day or night. I use this after i have toned but before moisturiser. It has a watery consistency and takes a couple of minutes to absorb into the skin. I only use this product when i have had a breakout and on the area of the blemishes because it does tend to dry out my skin a little. I have a full review with before and after pictures.

What are your blemish busters?

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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

KIKO Regents Street

Last week i was lucky enough to be invited to the brand new KIKO store in Regents Street. Some of you may know that i discovered the brand whilst i was living in Spain and have been an avid user! When i received the invite, i was ecstatic!! We were going to have a sneaky peak at the store when it was closed....pretty exciting stuff!

The new store has two floors filled with makeup, skin care, nail products and much more! I found some of the stores i have been to in Italy and Spain were quite small and cramped, however this store has plenty of space to browse the huge array of products. There are also makeup stations on both floors, so if you ever want to try the products, the makeup artists are on hand to give their advice and expertise.

KIKO were generous enough to give us a £50 gift voucher to spend in store and also provided a pre-filled clicks palette, so here's what i got.....

  • Creamy Lipgloss (107 Magenta)
  • Double Glam Eyeliner (Misty Green & Blue Teal)
  • Skin Evolution Foundation (111 Warm Beige)
  • Soft Light Powder (06 Terracotta)

I am looking forward to trying out these products, so keep your eyes peeled for my tutorials and reviews!

Will you be heading to KIKO Regents St?

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Monday, 2 December 2013

Santa Bringing Some Elemis Down The Chimney

You guys know how much i love Elemis, so i knew i had to mention some Christmas gift ideas from them! These are perfect gifts or stocking fillers (depending on your budget).

*Elemis Indulgent Treasures Collection £25

This is a great pamper collection that will be perfect to use after the mayhem of Christmas and New Year! The set includes:
  • Skin Nourishing Shower Cream 100ml
  • Quiet Mind Bath Elixir 100ml
  • Pro Radiance Hand & Nail Cream 20ml
  • Quiet Mind Temple Balm 15 Full Size

*Freshskin by Elemis Here We Glow Collection £15

Fantastic starter kit for teens and 20's. I would actually get this as a stocking filler or for someone who already uses the Freshskin range and wanted travel size products. The kit includes:
  • Skin Clear Purifying Face Wash 30ml
  • Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash 30ml
  • Softly Softly Daily Moisturiser 15ml
  • Magical Moisture Quenching Mask 3ml

These sets are amazing value for money and it's also a great way of introducing people to the brand. Elemis have some fantastic products for pampering and we all need that now and again! I actually look forward to using my Elemis products because it feels like such a treat!

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Until next time! xXx

Are you wanting/giving anything from Elemis?

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Sunday, 1 December 2013

A Little Bit Of Silliness.......

Morning guys and happy December 1st! I was going through my iPhoto a few weeks back and came across some of my blog pictures. I noticed in every single album i am pulling a silly thought i would entertain you guys!

I am one of those people that doesn't mind make a fool of myself because what's life without a bit of laughter eh?!  I hope you guys have a little laugh by looking at these pictures...i know i did!

Until next time!

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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Easy Christmas Gifts

I can not believe how soon Christmas is. We're doing a Secret Santa at work and it's honestly so hard to think of gifts!

Here are some easy ideas to help you guys out and we all know anything beauty related is a win-win!

*Aromatherapy Associates Essential Travel Oils £32


These oils are an ideal gift for someone who loves to pamper themselves in the bath or shower. It comes with four oils with different scents and can be used according to your mood. The four oils in the set is: Deep Relax, Revive Morning, Revive Evening and Support Lavender & Peppermint. Each of the bottles contain 7.5ml and allow three shower experiences. If you don't want to give an entire box as a gift, you can split them up and give it as a stocking filler! 

*Orla Kiely Geranium Mini Bath & Hand Set £12

Cute little gift set that includes four mini hand and body products. Again, it's great as a stocking filler or even a Secret Santa. It has a beautiful geranium scent but i wouldn't suggest giving it to those who don't like floral scents. You get four 50ml products of the shower gel, body lotion, hand wash and hand cream.

*Weleda Handbag Duo Pomegranate £30.90

An ideal invigorating set for people who love fruity scents! Pomegranate is used to regenerate and protect the skin. The Pomegranate Body Wash stimulates the senses with sandalwood and neroli essential oils, with pomegranate seed oil keeping the skin soft. The Pomegranate Body Lotion prevents the premature ageing of the skin. The use of shea butter, pomegranate seed oil and apricot kernel oil protects the skin from external factors. 

I hope this post has helped you guys out who are a bit stumped with gift ideas!

Until next time. xXx

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