Thursday, 13 December 2012

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Shadow Pencils

Many of you know how much i love using eyeshadow pencils, whether it's on its own or layered with a powder eyeshadow. I jumped at the chance of trying some Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Shadow Pencils* because i had heard many people rave about these!

The pencils are super creamy and highly pigmented. I was wary at first because i thought they would crease like the NYX Jumbo Pencils but to my surprise they don't crease at all! There is a wide variety of colours and you can use them as eyeshadow or eyeliner or even as a base.

Left-Right: Rehab, Narc
Left-Right: Narc, Rehab

You have to work quite quickly with the product because it almost one eye first and then the other. I would apply a thin layer and blend and then apply another layer depending on how intense i want the colour.

And the verdict is??? These are fantastic eye pencils and great for on the go. They are convenient just to keep in your handbag. The only downside is that i want all the shades now!

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Shadow Pencils are £14 and can be found at Debenhams or House Of Fraser.


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    1. Don't they?? I really want to get some more now! x

  2. Your swatches look really nice but I tried these and returned them because I found them to be super sticky & goopy feeling. I much prefer the NYX fat shadow sticks, some other ones that Rimmel came out with a couple of years ago that go on glossy but work really well under powder shadows, as well as Avon's fat shadow sticks - absolutely killer products - and eveb the cheap Wet n Wild shadow sticks. None of them crease on me when I use them under my powder shadows - which is the way I always use them. I also find the NYX Slide On Glide On liner pencils make a great, super pigmented base under powder shadows. Once those liners set, they don't move. Likewise for the Avon shadow sticks. Phenomenal products at a great price! They're super pigmented & slide across the skin like silk. They don't set too fast so they're very easy to blend out with a brush if I want to. But once they set, they don't move at all. Totally waterproof, smudge proof, everything proof. I LOVE them! Makeup Forever also came out with those new shadow sticks this year which I picked up at IMATS. I wouldn't buy them full price but I got them at 40% off. They're really good and stay put all day, though. And they aren't at all sticky or goopy. Although their shade range still bites, I must say :-)

    I've never been impressed with any of Urban Decay's products. I much prefer Too Faced or theBalm products when it comes to 'Sephora-type' product lines. They're just much better quality, I find. I don't mind paying for those brands because they never disappoint me. Every time I've purchased anything from UD I've always felt totally let down & like I've just been ripped off. Still hating the Naked palette I'm stuck with after using it only once because I lost my receipt & couldn't return it! :-( What an overhyped palette that thing is..... *bleh*

    1. I have to say i do like their pencils and i haven't found them gloopy. I struggle using the NYX ones, as they crease on me, even when i am wearing a primer!

      I might try the Avon ones and see if i can find a representative near my area.

      That is such a shame that you have been let down by some of the Urban Decay products. x

  3. Have you ever tried milk of magnesia tapped over your eyelids before applying your eyeshadow primer? I forgot to ask you that. Eye products don't normally crease in me, even though I've got oily skin, but once in a while my skin everywhere will become very oily for whatever reason. When that happens, I sometimes use m.o.m. under my eye primer, as well as all over my face. Just a very light coating to keep everything in its place. Another product I use for really oily days is called Nurturing Force Blot Out Offensive. It's silicone free, disappears into the skin & mattifies everything on contact without drying the skin, including the eyes. It works phenomenally under eye primer, or even tapped onto the skin over eye primer, foundation, blush etc. It keeps everything in place, all day & all night.

    Honestly, everything I've ever tried from UD - from their primer to their eyeshadows, their liners to their entire-face products - have been some of the worst I've used since I first heard of Urban Decay. I know a lot of people like them, but I'd sooner light myself on fire than buy anything else from them. I can't support a company that produces products I don't respect, really. May sound strange, but it is what it is :-)

    As for the Avon shadow sticks, I ended up buying them on sale. They're ridiculously cheap even at full price. When they're on sale - as so many Avon products often are - they're an absolute steal. I've got them in a medium forest green shade (Celedon), a plum shade, a light beige shade that's totally matte & makes a spectacular natural looking highlighter on the browbone, on the inner corners of the eyes, as well as an eye brightener on my waterline (and it stays put there too once set), and a dark grey that's got a slight bluish tone to it that looks beautiful smudged out as a liner for a smokey eye with a deep green or purple shadow over it. I don't regret buying any of them. They're so versatile & all are either completely matte or nearly completely matte. Which is nice for a change from all the shimmer products on the market. They're by far my all time favorite shadow pencils & something I use on a regular basis due to their quality & versatility. Love their cream shadows with doe foot applicators too. Avon is no longer a granny brand, as I've been finding out in the last 6 months. They really do manufacture some amazing products now. Their Mark cosmetics are also really good. Love their individual eyeshadow pans! They're quite large, can fit into any magnetic palette & the majority are really nicely pigmented. They've also got some beautiful blush products that can be fit into magnetic palettes. I've got a couple that I really love a lot, and hoping to get more soon!

    Anyways, thanks once again for your great swatches & reviews & hope you had a great holiday :-)

    1. Ha ha granny brand! That made me laugh! I do want to try the Avon ones but i think i'm gonna have to find my local representative! I do think Avon is such good value for money and plus i don't have many matte shadow pencils.

      Yes, had a great week off thank you! Hope you enjoyed the holiday season! xx