Tuesday, 4 December 2012

KIKO Lipsticks & Glossy Lip Pencils Review & Swatches

When i was over in Spain about a month ago i purchased loaaaads of products from KIKO. Now i know many of you tell me there is a KIKO in London......however, as i was in Spain, i wanted to pick up a few products anyway and because it ends up cheaper due to the exchange rate!

I had never tried their lip products until now. I had always bought their eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascaras etc and never their lip products. They were on a half price sale, so i ended up getting them for under €4 each! Thats £3.40 roughly......now that's what i call a bargain!

The first two lipsticks i picked up were from the Luscious Cream line (£6.90) and i love the texture and creaminess of the lipstick. These feel very similar to the Bobbi Brown lipsticks but cost a third of the price! There are 25 shades to choose from but they are all richly pigmented. The lipsticks keep my lips hydrated and very soft.

Left- Right: 514, 504

Left-Right: 504, 514

The Crystal Sheer Glossy Lipsticks (£6.90) appealed to me, as sometimes i like natural sheer lipsticks. These lipsticks give an almost wet, glossy look with a small amount of colour. It feels very glossy on the lips and keeps them well moisturised.

Left-Right: 403, 409

Left-Right: 403, 409
Wearing KIKO Crystal Sheer Glossy Lipstick in 403

Finally the last two lip products i purchased was the Ultra Glossy Lip Pencils (£5.20). I was curious when i saw them in the store and kept on swatching them to see how they were. These are lip pencils which are glossy, they are perfect paired up with glosses or sheer lipsticks. I would even wear these on their own as well. They have a slight fruity scent, which i kinda like.

Top-Bottom: 607 (red), 602 (nude)

Left-Right: 602, 607
For me i think KIKO products are great value for money without compromising quality. They have a huge selection of products and shades and they regularly do offers and promotions.

KIKO cosmetics can be purchased from the stores in Westfield, London and online HERE

Have any of you tried KIKO lipsticks? What do you think of them?


  1. Your pictures look beautiful! Wish we had a Kiko near me!

    1. Thank you! If you are in the UK, you can get them online too! x

  2. All of them look like they're great quality. I'd very likely but all 3 formulas if I could get any Kiko's products in our area. My favorites are 409 & 403.

    1. I think they are fab products for the price! They are the very few lipsticks that dry out my lips......they just feel so creamy on! Let me know if you ever want some!!

  3. You look very pretty in the picture!! The shades are beautiful1!!:)