Sunday, 9 December 2012

Elemis Gentle Rose Exfoliator Review

The name Elemis, i always associate with a luxury's the first thought that pops into my head!

My skin has been quite dull and lifeless recently and needed something to help slough away those dead skin cells! Elemis Gentle Rose Exfoliator* seemed like the perfect product!

I am not a big fan of rose scented products, but when i smelt this, it didn't smell like other rose scented products! This exfoliator is gentle enough to use everyday because it contains micro-spherical jojoba beads. It includes cucumber extract for soothing and refreshing the skin. Additionally there is vitamin C, an anti-oxidant to brighten up the complexion.

The actual exfoliant is a rose coloured gel with the micro jojoba beads. I use it over damp skin and work it all over my face. I focus on my t-zone and chin area because that is where i tend to get breakouts!

My skin felt so soft and it's great to use a product that isn't going to strip the natural oils from my skin. I have noticed the 'bumps' or blackheads have reduced significantly around my nose area.

At £27 it is quite pricey for an exfoliator, however it is a luxury brand and the product certainly lives up to my expectation. I wouldn't use this exfoliator everyday, simply because i will get through the product very quickly.

Elemis skincare products can be purchased directly HERE or can be purchased from other authorised online stores.

Have any of you tried this? What do you think?


  1. Nice review! This sounds like a good product.

    Great blog! I'm anew follower :)

    Kimberley x

    1. It's a lovely product for your skin! Thank you so much for stopping by! xx