Monday, 10 December 2012


I was reading Sam's Beauty Blog (VIEW HER BLOG) and i came across one of her posts which i found really interesting. It was talking about her chosen products if she was stranded on a island. Now, i just thought it would be some fun to do! I have chosen my products for a desert island, just because i am in cold England and thinking of a desert island seems like bliss at the moment!

  1. NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer (REVIEW HERE) - This is one of my all time favourite tinted moisturizers and has an added SPF. It's also forgiving in colour, so if i do tan i won't have to worry about matching it exactly to my skin!
  2. Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner (REVIEW HERE) - Ok, you all know how much i use the Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner! I can't live without it! Perfect for lining your upper lash line, as well as your waterline. I can also smoke up my eyes using never know what hunk i might meet! ;)
  3. Benefit Cha Cha Tint (REVIEW HERE) - The ideal multi-use product that is perfect for hot or humid weather. The coral shade looks so beautiful against tanned skin tones.
  4. MAC Blot Powder - I need something for my shine! Plus it has a mirror!
  5. Bobbi Brown Face Palette (REVIEW HERE) - My concealer, corrector all in one place! Everyday i use Bobbi Brown Corrector in dark bisque, it covers my dark circles really well and brightens up my eye area.
  6. Benefit They're Real Mascara - I am obsessed with this mascara! Gives you the false lash look, without your lashes looking clumpy.
  7. Clinique Mild Facial Wash - My current everyday face wash.....thought it would double up as a body wash too!
  8. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Lip Balm - If i am on a desert island i need SPF for my lips! Remember, you need to protect your lips just like the rest of your face and body.
  9. MAC 224 Brush - This is the only brush i would probably use. The bristles are very soft for applying concealor.
  10. MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick - You will always need one bold shade of lipstick and this was the first one i thought of! The perfect dark, red lipstick, that can also double up as a blusher!
I would love to hear what your MUST HAVE products would be!


  1. The link to your Bobbi Brown face palette goes to your NARS tinted moisturizer review :-)

    Posted by Sandra Satoko (can't get all the blog functions to work properly on my iPhone).

    My Top 10 would be as follows:

    1) Isomers One 3000 Complete Face Cream (killer moisturizer)

    2) Bobbi Brown Longwear Foundation (no powder needed, even on my oily skin)

    3) Bobbi Brown lipsticks palette

    4) theBalm Two-Timer mascara

    5) Noevir 99 foaming face cleanser (the most amazing cleanser ever) with the exfoliating pad

    6) Avon fat shadow stick in Plum (they work as a gorgeous smudge-able, waterproof liner as well as a great base under powder eyeshadows that never budge once they set)

    7) My angled liner brush of no particular brand

    8) My Z Palette full of Makeup Forever & Makeup Geek eyeshadow pans (28 to work with which can double as liners)

    9) My synthetic fiber blush brush

    10) My La Femme blush palette with a mix of 6 blushes & highlighters

    This actually has inspired me to pack only 15 products at most when I take my husband on his surprise Christmas trip this year. I normally need a separate suitcase for just my makeup, brushes & skin care. And it ain't no small suitcase! LOL

    1. Thanks for telling me! I try so hard to pack light when i'm travelling as i know i will find little new finds when i'm on holiday!!! Ha ha i love that you have a separate case for your makeup! xx

    2. My husband is not such a big fan of my suitcase full of cosmetics & skin care products. Not to mention my hoard of brushes! LOL

      Tomorrow in officially starting to pick the products & brushes for my 'going away' bag. I know my husband is going to be thinking in out of my mind, but he never says a word. Not even one complaint from the sweet guy :-)

      Good plan! I may find some new products I want to try on our trip, so I'll really scale it down this time. Then while he's sleeping in the hotel I'll go treat myself to some shopping LOL Seriously, I don't need anything! But makeup is something I just can't get enough of! I totally lose my mind when I see all the pretty colors haha :-) Thankfully I'm married to somebody who's extremely understanding & tolerant of my hobby :-)

  2. I picked no skincare because it was so hard! I agree 224 is essential and ruby woo is one of my fav mac lipsticks xx

    1. Lol I was literally thinking of me being on a desert island!! Loved your post and thank you for the idea! Xxx

  3. I've been meaning to do this since Sam mentioned it on twitter. Better get on with it! You have some great picks x