Sunday, 4 November 2012

Stand Out Sunday! FreshLook Colorblend Contacts in Grey Review

Many of you know from watching my Youtube tutorials,  i occasionally like to wear coloured contact lenses. I don't normally wear contacts and it is something that i would wear on a special occasion or something.

I was very fortunate with my local opticians because when i had gone for my eye test, i asked about trying coloured contacts. They showed me how to safely put them in, clean them and how to remove the contacts, as well as storing them. I was also able to try different colours to see which ones suited my skin tone the best.

Don't get me wrong, I love my dark brown eyes, but sometimes it's nice to try something new! For me the coloured contacts accentuate my features and when combined with smoky eye makeup, it makes me look like a completely different person.

The Freshlook Color Blends are a range of natural coloured lenses and made by CIBA Vision. I have the grey, pure hazel and green ones but i haven't managed to try the green ones yet! You can get them to your prescriptions specifications or just 0.00.

Yes, it does take practice to put the contacts into your eyes but after time you will notice how quick and easy it is to put them in. I always find it a nightmare to remove them at the end of the day! I don't find these uncomfortable at all and have managed to wear them to work and on nights out. REMEMBER, if you are using monthly contact lenses, to clean them with the right solution before putting them into the lens case. If they are not cleaned properly, it can possibly harm your eyes.

I would recommend investing in some good eye drops that are suitable for contact lens wearers, as sometimes when i am tired my eyes are a bit dry and eye drops just helps put the moisture back in.

I went through a phase of always wearing pure hazel and many people kept on asking me if those were the natural colour of my eyes! When i first purchased them, it did take time to adjust but for me it's just a bit of fun!

Overall, i enjoy wearing coloured contacts because for me i can change my look and makeup. I would recommend if you are looking to get contacts to visit your local opticians for further information.

I now purchase my coloured contacts from online from


  1. look so beautiful and exotic with those lens. I love them!

  2. Could you please post a picture with your green and pure hazel? Our eye colors are the same and I'd love to see them on. I'd greatly appreciate it!! xx

  3. Hi, great review! How much did you buy your contacts for? We sell them on our online store for just 16.50 USD 2 pack :)

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