Tuesday, 27 November 2012

My Hidden Gem: MAC Strobe Liquid Lotion

Over the past few weeks i have received many compliments on how good my skin has been looking. Now i haven't been using any different skin care products, so it took me ages to figure out what i had been using! Then it HIT me.......MAC Strobe Lotion!

A while back i had purchased MAC Strobe Liquid Lotion because i was finding the original Strobe Cream a bit to heavy for my combination skin. Now, i apply Strobe Liquid after my moisturizer and before my foundation. This is because my skin would naturally illuminate through the foundation.

Bare skin

After MAC Strobe Liquid Lotion

The days i am not wearing makeup, i mix a little into my moisturizer and voila, i am left with dewy, glowing skin! I also like to use this as a subtle highlighter on my cheekbones, shoulders etc.

Here's my other review on MAC Strobe Cream

MAC Strobe Liquid Lotion is £22.50 and can be purchased HERE

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