Monday, 19 November 2012

MAC Mixing Medium VS KIKO Mixing Solution

Many makeup artists use MAC Mixing Medium as a way of intensifying pigments or adhering glitters to the skin. The consistency feels just like water and normally i just put a drop onto my MAC 239 brush and then add the pigment. The Mixing Medium is a great way of stopping any fall out as well!

This is the water base mixing medium and there are some other versions, however this one is suitable to use around the eye area. This can only be purchased from the PRO Store only.

I have recently discovered a dupe which is quarter of the price and does exactly the same thing! It's the KIKO Mixing Solution, which is used for pigments etc and only costs £3.90! HERE

Below are swatches using MAC Nebula Pigment.

MAC Pigment 'Nebula'

MAC Pigment 'Nebula'

MAC Pigment 'Nebula'. Left-Right: Nebula on its own, Nebula with MAC Mixing Medium, Nebula with KIKO Mixing Solution.

You can see the swatches look exactly the same with the different mixing mediums. Have any of you used the MAC or KIKO mixing medium?

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  1. Sandra Satoko posting again :-)

    I've find that eyedrops that have a thicker consistency really work extremely well. They're much thicker than regular eyedrops, usually meant to 'moisturize' the eyes.

    Ben Nye's LiquiSet also works really well & is really affordable. I think I paid about $5 or so for an ounce of product. It's very much non-irritating & gets the job done.

    And lastly, plain old eyedrops like Visine work really well. I pick up 5-10 bottles every time I go to the US, along with paper first aid tape to gently pick up fallout from under my eyes. Very cheap solutions that go a long way & solve multiple problems :-)