Thursday, 29 November 2012

Highlighters for Asian/Indian/Olive/Tanned Skin Tones

I have been meaning to do a post like this for some time and i kept on, today i decided i am going to sit down and write this post! I know this may seem like a lot of highlighters but i wanted to show you that there are many varieties of highlighters with different formulas, so there is something for everyone!

I love using highlighters because it adds a dimension to the face and can also emphasize your features. I normally use it on the tops of my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose. Also a highlighter will just add a healthy glow to the skin. Here are the some of the highlighters in my collection...........

Illamasqua Cream Blush Lies RRP £18. Read my FULL review HERE. This is a soft frosty, pink highlighter in a cream formula. It has a creamy texture and it very easy to blend. I normally use this on my cheekbones.

MAC Cream Color Base Pearl RRP £14.50. This has been my go to product for over a year and i took it travelling with me as well. I normally use this under my brows because it opens up my eye area much more. This is a multi-purpose product, so it can be used as eyeshadow as a wash of colour or on your cheekbones.

KIKO Exotic Highlighter Peach RRP £7.90. Read my FULL review HERE. I am currently obsessed with this highlighter. It has a mousse like texture and dries very quickly on the skin. It gives the skin the most gorgeous peachy sheen.

Benefit Sun Beam RRP £18.50. Read my FULL review HERE. I have been loving this highlighter and it's one of my favourite liquid highlighters. It is much warmer in colour and looks beautiful on tanned/olive skin.

NARS Multiple Palm Beach RRP £29. Read my FULL review HERE. This is a bronze highlighter and it is something i would wear if i have a tan or i am on holiday. The multiples are so handy because you can use them on the face, eyes, lips and cheeks.

Dior Amber Diamond RRP £29. This highlighter is divine! The shimmer is very fine and i like to apply this product with my fingers for a subtle highlight. It gives a delicate sheen to the skin without it looking OTT.

NARS Albatross RRP £21.  This came in my blush/bronzer trio and i had never thought about trying Albatross. This highlighter gives a golden sheen to the skin and looks as though it has been illuminated! Doesn't look sparkly unlike some highlighters.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Nectar RRP £32. I have all the shimmer bricks from Bobbi Brown and i find myself always reaching for Nectar. This is stunning on darker skin tones because apricots/corals just enhance the skin. Sometimes i use this as a subtle blusher and other times as a highlighter. It is pricier compared to other brands but this will last you a very long time!

MAC Pigment Vanilla RRP £16.50. Read my FULL review HERE. A pigment that has multiple uses! A loose powder highlighter that can look peach, gold and yellow depending on the light. MAC pigments are very versatile and can be used on the face, eyes, cheeks etc.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Soft & Gentle RRP £21.50 - I purchased this recently and so far i am loving it! When using this, the skin appears radiant. I wouldn't suggest using this all over the face as it is not designed for that. I would recommend focusing on certain parts of your face i.e. cheekbones, bridge of nose, cupids bow.

MAC Strobe Cream/Lotion RRP £22.50. Read my FULL review HERE and HERE. I love both of these! They are exactly the same product and do the same thing but the lotion is a lighter version. I use this either over my moisturizer or mixed in with my foundation. It gives a gorgeous glow to the skin and makes the skin appear iridescent.

MAC Strobe Lotion

I hope this post has been helpful and give you all an idea of the many different highlighters there are available. What are your favourite highlighters?


  1. Thank you for this post! I have always been on the hunt for a great highlighter.

    I like the sun Beam and the Dior one. Defo looking to invest in them soon

    1. Glad you like the post! I love using the Benefit Sun's so beautiful on tanned skin! xx

  2. I loved this post, especially Dior Amber Diamond.

    1. Dior Amber Diamond is one of my all time favourite highlighters! xx

  3. Absolutely fantastic post! Been looking for something like this. Thank you :)

    1. Ahhhhhh i'm so happy you enjoyed the post!!! Hopefully it will give you some ideas for highlighters! ;)

  4. wow You have a lot of Highlighters:)))uhhh

  5. I'm on my iPhone & having problems using my Google account or even my real name to post, which is why this is 'anonymous'. I'm Sandra Satoko on Facebook :-)

    I also have many highlighters, some which I use more than others. I found a new one out for Christmas this year by Lise Watier that I'm absolutely in LOVE with. It's imprinted with a huge rose & called Glamour Rose Illuminating Face & Body Powder. Probably the nicest product I've bought in quite a while. It's a whopping 18 grams & cost about $38 with tax. It looks absolutely gorgeous buffed into the skin & literally gives a glow, rather than a frosty sheen or sparkle. On my oily skin it's absolutely perfect. I use it every time I do my makeup. It really livens up the skin & the entire face and looks very much high-end compared to most other highlighters I've bought/tried.

    Another product that's utterly stunning are Fyrinnae's highlighters, which are unlike anything else on the market & stinking cheap. They are so so beautiful on the skin layered over their blushes. No glitter, no sparkle, no frost. Just a beautiful, subtle-but-noticeable glow that lights the face up. These come in 3 different shades, if I remember correctly. I have two of them. One which is stunning peachy in tone & one that's a very subtle pinkish shade.

    My next favorite highlighter is Makeup Forever Uplights. Pricey but it goes fairly far & the shade I got can be used under foundation, mixed into foundation or on top of foundation. It also mixes gorgeously into MUF HD Blush as it's got a thinner consistency than their HD blush product.

    And of course I have at LEAST another 15 highlighters on top of these, most loose powders & compact pressed powders, as well as some solid cream/wax based products, liquids & even mousses. I think I'll be trying out some new Chanel & Armani products soon! haha :-)

  6. Hey love the post!

    Can you pleeeease do one for concealers for people in mid 20s? I find that having indian/ olive skin and dark circles and now little crows feet, I cant keep up with the youtube 21 yr ols and their makeup tutorials. Nor sure how old you are but you may have experience with this? Thank you!!

  7. Hi, I love your collection. I'm stuck between mac soft and gentle and dior highlighter. I want something for day time wear and in powder form. Not too shimmery but just a slight glow. Which one should I get.

  8. I can't choose just one! They are all so pretty!!

  9. Love this blog! It's nice to relate to someone who has similar skin tone x