Sunday, 11 November 2012

Boost For Winter Skin

Many of us suffer from dull, lifeless skin throughout the winter months and i always turn to my holy grail product during this time.......Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Concentrate.

This is one of my favourite skin products to use because it makes such a difference to my skin. There are 45 capsules in a tub and each capsule is filled with a pure, concentrated dose of vitamins. It is from the AGE Smart range, and transforms dull, tired skin into a youthful glow.

I apply one capsule at night before i head to bed, when i need it the most! I don't use this every night but just when my skin needs a boost. Recently my skin has been looking tired due to being ill, but using these little babies has brightened up my complexion.

It comes with a handy little carry pot, so if you're travelling you can pop a few in! The price is expensive and does amount up if you are using them every night, which is why i tend to use it when my skin needs that pick me up.


  1. Hi your videos....i break vitamin e capsules and apply it on my face just before bed and find that helps keep my skin looking healthy and it dont break the bank...but woud love to try those capsules....x

  2. Where can you get them from?xx