Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tom Ford Shade And Illuminate Intensity Two Review & Swatches

The Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate is such a unique product and i have no other product like this in my collection. This product has taken the beauty world by storm and now i can understand why!

This is a contour kit but it is like none other on the market. It's incredible how much contouring has become a trend now! I decided to purchase the Intensity Two shade, as it was the best shade for my skin tone.

This is what Tom Ford says about the duo:

A duet of highlighting and shading creams designed to make sculpting and contouring the face remarkably intuitive. The super sheer, light shade formula can be used to draw light onto the skin to brighten and lift the face. The dark shade defines and contours bones, while staying invisible to the naked eye. Offered in two intensities.

The Shade and llluminate has the elegant Tom Ford packaging. It comes with a pouch, which is ideal for protecting your contour kit in your makeup bag.

The texture is completely different to what i have used previously. It fees like a silky cream and glides on effortlessly. The contour shade looks much more natural and once applied to the face, highlights the natural contours of the face, without it looking like you have applied any product.

The darker shade blends in beautifully and you don't need much product. I like using the MAC 130 brush, as it picks up enough product and it means i can stiple the product on the areas where i wish to contour.

Tom Ford has got the colouring just right. There are many contouring products on the market and sometimes they are either too orange or too brown and the skin can appear dirty and muddy. This is perfect! It is ideal for both warm and cool skin tones and can be layered depending on what intensity you would want.

The highlighter isn't the same as traditional highlighters. I have no idea on how to explain it, but it looks as how the skin naturally would glow. It gives a subtle sheen to the skin and is not like the shimmery highlighters. It catches the light beautifully and appears to give the skin a healthy look.

I like applying the highlighter either with my fingers or with a MAC 187 stipling brush. The one issue i did find with the highlighting coour, was that i needed to warm up the product before application.

Do i regret purchasing this item? Certainly not! Yes it costs £55 and i can't really imagine it being an impulse purchase. I love how the texture of the product is much more creamier and easy to work with, which gives a more natural contoured look. I think it is worth the £55, purely because it is such a good quality, luxury product. I wouldn't say it is a total makeup essential, but for me i am intrigued in trying new products and comparing with others on the market and being a makeup artist........well that says it all!

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate retails at £55 and can be purchased HERE

Have any of you tried this? What do you think?


  1. this packaging is LOVE! tom ford has such an amazing product line, i can't wait to get my hands on a blush

  2. I have this baby and LOVE it. What surprised me is how sheer it is, in a good way though. It's hard to make mistake with it. From you profile pix, I guess I have lighter skin than yours but I choose this shade too. Number 1 looks really yellow on me.

    BTW, follow you now!