Tuesday, 25 September 2012

NARS Modern Love Palette Review & Swatches

I have a slight fixation with NARS products......who doesn't?! When i saw this palette on Asos.com i knew i wanted it. The colours are neutral and different to what i have in my collection.......well, that was my excuse to purchase it!

The packaging is the classical, sleek NARS packaging and it is convenient to have all six colours in one palette, as well as a mirror. This is ideal for travelling, and for keeping in your handbag if you want to change your makeup from a day to night look.

The eyeshadows are so soft to work with, easy to blend and highly pigmented. This palette has a mixture of warm and cool shades, suitable for all kinds of looks.

Alhambra: Shimmery peachy pink eyeshadow that has a satin finish. There is no glitter and looks great as a highlighter for under the brows and the inner corner of the eyes. I love the name Alhambra because i used to live where the Alhambra was, so it's a name very close to my heart.

Jezebel: A shimmery, rusty, maroon with gold shimmer to it. It is much more deeper and earthier than MAC Cranberry.

India Song: A warm bronzy, brown with gold shimmer and some earthy green undertone. This is a very wearable shade for all skin tones.

Tokyo: A white silver with blue undertone, which can be used as a base for eye colour or to highlight under the brows or in the inner corners of the eyes.

Habanera: My favourite shade out of the whole palette! A shimmery purple, with a taupe undertone. It has pink and bluish sparkle but it is not overpowering.

Pandora: A very strong, intense matte black that isn't chalky. This can be used to deepen the eyeshadow, and also as a liner.

With Flash. Left-Right: Alhambra, Jezebel, India Song.
Daylight. Left-Right: Alhambra, Jezebel, India Song.
With Flash. Left-Right: Tokyo, Habanera, Pandora.
Daylight. Left-Right: Tokyo, Habanera, Pandora.
I find that this palette is worth the price, just because the individual and duo eyeshadows are a little expensive, so having six colours in one for £39 isn't too bad. Overall i love this palette and below is a look i created using a few of the colours.

Alhambra - under brows as highlighter and in the inner corner.
Habanera - used on the lid up to the socket and bottom lash line.
Pandora - outer corner of eye, blended into the socket. Also put a little on the inner corner and blended inwards. 

Hope you enjoyed the post.


  1. such beautiful palette ! Make-up too :D

  2. ahhh this palette looks so beautiful!!!