Tuesday, 11 September 2012

NARS Liberté Blush Dupe

I love finding dupes for products, as sometimes you don't want to splurge £20+ on beauty products.

I had previously purchased the NARS Liberté blush from their Spring 2012 collection which was limited edition and i knew so many friends who wanted the shade but didn't want to fork out £21 for a blusher.

Off i went and managed to find the most perfect dupe! It's the Sleek Blusher in Coral and is a quarter of the price!

NARS Liberté is a burnished apricot colour and looks incredible on olive, tanned skin tones. The Sleek blush is a tad bit more pinkier in undertone but still looks beautiful on most skin tones. Both blushers have superb pigmentation and come with mirrors.

Top-Bottom: NARS Liberté, Sleek Coral

The Sleek blusher is a bit more smaller in size and is ideal to put in your makeup bag, as sometimes i have had problems with trying to fit it into my very tiny makeup bag. The other downside with NARS blushes is that if you drop the product, then it shatters everywhere and you're left with a broken blusher.

NARS products can be purchased HERE

Sleek blushers are £4.49 and can be purchased HERE


  1. Are there any other dupes between Nars and Sleek? They say Rose Gold is a dupe for Orgasm.

    I have Nars: Orgasm, Super Orgasm, Cassandre, Monetenegro, Liberte, Love Joy, Taj Mahal, Dolce Vita and Lokoum. Do you think I should bother trying the Sleek blushes?

  2. I forgot to mention I really want to try Sleek's Saharah, as well as Rose Gold, Pomegranate, Coral and Flushed

  3. Isn't it closer to Sahara than Coral?